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Positive Practice - Support Yourself With Quality Yoga Accessories

Positive Practice - Support Yourself With Quality Yoga Accessories
Whether you're an experienced yoga practitioner or a beginner, there are many accessories available to enhance your yoga. Here are some of the most popular and helpful:
Yoga Bags & Totes
If you're going to a yoga class or yoga studio for your yoga, you'll probably want a yoga bag to carry your yoga mat. A yoga bag will carry and protect your yoga bag as well as provide you with a stylish accessory. Many yoga bags or yoga totes also come with inner or outer pockets for carrying a water bottle, yoga props, clothing or other yoga accessories.
Yoga Mats
A yoga mat is one of the most essential accessories you should have for your yoga. A quality yoga mat will have some stickiness to it so that it grips the floor and does not slide. A yoga mat protects you from the harshness, hardness and coldness of the floor while doing your yoga. A yoga mat is essential for any yoga practitioner.
Yoga Attire
Many designers now have lines of clothing specifically made for doing yoga. Yoga clothing tends to be lightweight, soft, comfortable but form fitting so that the clothing does not get in the way of your postures. Typical yoga clothing includes tank tops, long sleeve tops, shorts, leggings and sweat pant and sweatshirt type apparel. Special yoga clothing is available for men and women and often comes with colors or symbols that represent meanings in yoga practice.
Yoga Props
There are many yoga props available to help or enhance your yoga practices. These include yoga blocks, yoga straps, yoga bolsters, yoga pillows and yoga blankets. In the case of yoga blocks, these are used to prop yourself up to reduce the risk of over-extension and a resulting injury. 
Yoga straps are great for beginners and people who can't stretch very far, a yoga strap enables them to stretch farther or hold limbs when they wouldn't have been able to without a strap. Yoga straps are useful for many poses. In addition to yoga straps, yoga bolsters or pillows can also be used to anchor yourself during certain poses or provide comfort during awkward poses or allow you to deepen or extend certain poses.
Yoga Blankets & Rugs
Yoga blankets are one of the most versatile yoga accessories you can buy. A yoga blanket can be a mat for shoulder stands, stand in for yoga pillows, blocks or bolsters and can even provide added warmth under your body while you're doing your poses, for added relaxation.
More Yoga Accessories
Additional yoga accessories are also available, including yoga sandbags, benches, balls, aromatherapy accessories and much more.
Yoga Kits
There are also all-in-one yoga kits available to buy, where a mat, bag, blocks, pillows, straps and other accessories are included in one package. These yoga kits may also include a book or video about yoga.

What Is Yoga? A Guide for Beginners

What Is Yoga? A Guide for Beginners
Fancy giving yoga a go but don't know your asana from your elbow? Simply take a deep, slow breath. That's it. Breathe right down into your tummy. And exhale. There you go - you've performed your first yoga exercise.
Of course, there's a bit more to yoga than just breathing, but you really don't need to be able to do much more to get started. Scrap those images of sprite-like creatures, chanting their way to higher planes, legs twisted into seemingly impossible knots. Today, yoga is practiced by people of shapes, sizes, fitness and flexibility levels, with classes widely available in health clubs and community spaces across the country.
People do yoga for a huge variety of reasons, but some of the main benefits cited by yoga fans include tightening and toning the whole body, better posture, feelings of wellbeing, stress release, and reduced risk of injury from other forms of exercise. Not bad for an hour or so on mat. But is it for you?
"I'd recommend yoga to anyone," says Barbara Currie, one of the UK's best known yoga instructors. "I was 29 when I took my first yoga class, and I was stiff as a board," she admits, "luckily though I was really inspired by my teacher. She was in her sixties, but had the body of an eighteen year old."
Balancing the Body
From elite athletes to those wanting to slim down and shape up, Barbara says yoga has something to offer everyone. "Sports tend to work one side of the body more than the other," she says, "or even if you don't do sport, a lot of people favour one side without realising it. Yoga helps balance this out."
You might be surprised to learn that sports stars like Wayne Rooney, boxer Evander Holyfield, and even the Welsh rugby team regularly practice yoga moves. And soccer player Ryan Giggs recently released an exercise video inspired by yoga.
If you're more interested in shedding pounds than performing on the sports field, Barbara Currie says yoga still has a lot to offer. "I always encourage people who want to lose weight to try yoga," she says, "and they are usually surprised at how quickly their bodies firm up."
As you've probably noticed, there are a fair few celebrities who'll attest to yoga's body sculpting benefits, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Meg Ryan, and Geri Halliwell to name a few.
Mellowing the Mind
But it's not all about the physical. Many people, celebs included, turn to yoga to help them through tough times. Jennifer Aniston spoke about how she discovered yoga when going through her high-profile split with Brad Pitt, saying, "Yoga calms me down. It's a therapy session, a workout, and meditation all at the same time."
While Gwyneth gushes, "Yoga has completely changed me. I try to do it every day, and the effect is amazing. It's not just during the hours that I'm practicing. It's about how it filters through into the rest of my life. It makes all the other bullshit dissipate. Who I am has emerged, and everything else has gone by the wayside."
Although no one can now say for sure, Yoga is said to have originated in India around 3000 BC. Archaeologists have even found images carved in stone that resemble some of the yoga poses (asanas) still practiced today. The word "yoga" essentially means "union" and it's all about taking a holistic approach to fitness. The aims are balancing, strengthening and relaxing the body using gentle movements, stretches, and controlled breathing.
"On a deeper level, yoga is something which makes us feel great," explains yoga instructor Sally Lovett. "By practicing and reinforcing the connection between our bodies, minds and hearts, we feel more in tune with ourselves, others and the world around us."
"Finding a Plumber"
Barbara Currie advises asking around friends and family to find a good yoga class. "It's a bit like finding a plumber," she says, "a recommendation from someone you know is worth a lot. But if you don't like the first class you go to, don't give up. Yoga teachers all have their own styles of teaching, so you might still enjoy someone else's classes." has a searchable database of classes, where you can even specify the day and time of class you'd like.
If you can't get to a class or would feel more comfortable trying it out at home first you'll find a wealth of books and DVDs to help you get started available to buy online.

The Incredible Benefits of Yoga

The Incredible Benefits of Yoga
Yoga is not just a trend, it's a way of living and has profited millions of people around the globe. Yoga which is originated from India five thousand years ago is a miraculous boon for humankind. People from all over the world are practicing, in the past yogis in India used to do yoga for the numerous good reasons, but in today's world yoga is not restricted in India only, people come from all over the world to get the wisdom and power of yoga. 
Yoga is a complete path for itself. It's not just an exercise, the word yoga essentially means, and "that which brings you to reality". 
Don't ever mistake the word yoga with just a mere form of exercising! It's a beautiful energizing practice which will increase your mental health, stabilize your physical health and give a spiritual growth, it's a discipline to give a complete stability and satisfaction.
Yoga tops the game for being a master in providing the physical and mental health but it makes you spiritually efficient too. Literally it's an amalgamation which ultimately introduce you to the manifestation of life. 
The benefits of yoga are not like a short term effect, the practice of yoga can give an instant gratification and long term lasting transformation. And for leading a fit or healthy life both things are very pivotal to live a good natural life, which can not only give you physical fitness but mental peace too. The plus factor with yoga is that you will never feel monotonous, it's refreshing and you will feel rejuvenated every single time! You will be benefited with a long term health.
The most amazing factor about yoga is that there is no age barrier for it. Anyone from a five-year-old child to fifty-year-old person anyone can do yoga and enjoy its incredible benefits. Yoga will help everyone unlike other fitness forms like gym etc., yoga accepts anyone with its open arms no matter which age or gender you belong, and you are welcome wholeheartedly at a yoga class. You can witness all age groups doing yoga together in yoga classes in most of the centers.
One of the major thing about yoga is that it supports a healthy lifestyle, it's not just about a mere physical workout which is just for the body, yoga instead is about your all over growth. Yoga practice is a gemstone, especially in a student's life. It helps in improving concentration and tranquility. With a better concentration level and focus, students will be able to emphasis more on their studies and improve their score, and even if it's not about the score, the practice of yoga will eventually help them to improve in the learning process. And it's not only about students, it applies to all, with a calm mind and higher concentration level you will be able to improve and maintain the peace in your relationships.
Yoga is so flexible that you can choose your kind of yoga in accordance with your lifestyle, for example, there are different kinds of yoga like power yoga, relaxation, meditation, hot yoga and much more... no matter what kind or form of exercise you do, you will not find as many options anywhere except in yoga. If you are a beginner in yoga than there are several easy steps available for you, Hatha yoga which solely focus on the basic postures on the comfortable pace. And if you want to increase your strength do power yoga for maximum increase in the physical and mental strength. If you are ready for a deeper practice than advance yoga will be best for you.

How To Do Yoga and Weightlifting Supersets

How To Do Yoga and Weightlifting Supersets
For some yogis, this post may offend, or at least seem like a joke of a workout.
However, I assure you that doing superset yoga and weightlifting workouts is no joke. It's actually very effective and saves a great deal of time in the gym (or working out at home).
It's not often you see people who lift weights stretching between sets or after a weight lifting workout. You might see the odd stretching of the chest muscle, but that's about. During my pre-yoga weight lifting days, that's about all I would do. I could push some serious weight, but was about as flexible as a 2 X 4 chunk of wood.
I discovered yoga by chance in the bookstore. I stumbled upon Beryl Birch's "Power Yoga" book. I was interested because the yoga routine was extremely physical. I did Power Yoga for a number of years while weight lifting (sometimes I'd take a break from weight lifting).

Since my Power Yoga discovery, I've been a big believer in the power OF yoga, regardless what type of workout is your focus. Whether you're a marathon runner, tennis player, body builder, football tight end, yoga can help improve performance. What does yoga do for me?
Yoga helps me focus and dramatically improved my flexibility. I'm far more flexible at age 37 than I was when I was 18.
The trouble with a lot of yoga routines is...

They take way too long. Pick up any yoga book and the routines call for 30 to 60 minutes straight. I don't mind doing yoga for 30 to 60 minutes once or twice a week, but it's not going to happen on a weight training day.
My solution is to superset yoga with my weight lifting routines. How do I superset yoga with my lifting workouts?
It's simple. In between sets of weights, I do a yoga pose (or two poses). Assuming I do 15 sets of weight lifting, I'll get about 15 minutes of yoga/stretching done over the course of my weight routine. Often that's more than enough stretching for me. Sometimes I'll do another 10 minutes post-weights.
Sometimes I'll do one set of weight lifting followed by a minute of yoga. Other times I'll do two sets of weight lifting (usually a duo superset) followed by 30 to 45 seconds of a yoga pose (or two).
Planning Out Your Yoga Supersets
The key is to fit in all the major stretches through the course of a weight lifting/yoga superset routine. The major yoga moves are:
Forward bend Backward bend Inversion Twist Balance pose Standing
There's also core, but I reserve those moves for my abdominal workouts. Examples of my weight lifting / yoga workout supersets

Once you understand the basics and get a few yoga poses under your belt, there's pretty much an unlimited number of combinations. The following examples are for illustrative purposes only.