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Personal Training Certifications - Not All are Created Equal

Personal Training Certifications - Not All are Created Equal
Personal trainers play an important role in the lives of many who are struggling and aspiring health and condition-conscious people. But how do you 'validate' your skills as a personal trainer? Personal training certifications are essential if you are a dedicated personal trainer (PT), interested in giving the best to your clients, and to get a good income of course.
Just perform a Google search on "Online Personal Training Certification", and you'll actually come across a whole long list of certifications - there was one which seemed like a joke as it costs only USD49.99! But the fact is .. that there are tonnes of personal training certifications out there - which one is the best and can offer you the experience, knowledge, training, satisfaction and a chance at a great personal trainer salary?
In my opinion, the personal training scene here in Malaysia is not as competitive and as lucrative as it is in most other countries. If you would read up the profile of the personal trainer at your gyms, you would notice that only a handful have taken the initiative to get certified by an independent and recognised certification body (ACE, FISAF, etc), while the rest of them (which is almost MOST of them actually) only possess an in house certification.
In my opinion, unless the PT has a real genuine passion for his job, he'd make a lousy trainer if his knowledge and expertise depended SOLELY on what he learns at the in house certification course. Most of the time, the in house courses are only recognised by that one fitness chain itself, and not the others. I've also had the opportunity to glance through some of their training materials, which interestingly, even addresses the area of convincing members at the gym to sign up for personal training packages. It even includes sample questions and answers, what you should say if given a particular excuse not to sign up, etc. Yes, thats sick! Now you know why some of the rotten ones can sometimes be so persistent and annoying.. its cos they studied how to!
To those of you who have not heard of the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) the ISSA is recognised worldwide and are very highly respected in this field. Anyway, personally, I've always been very keen on certifications from the ISSA myself, mainly because:
1. I know people who have sat for ISSA certifications - and they are top notch personal trainers.
2. I've seen some of their examination questions before, and they make the most sense when compared to a few others.
3. The convenience and the freedom/flexibility to study at your own pace, and sit for an online exam.
For me, being here in Malaysia, having to juggle a busy work schedule and my time at the gym doesn't leave me much time to enroll myself in a class to study for a certification. I wish I could just sit for the exam and skip the course materials! And the ISSA gives you just that - the freedom to study at a relaxed pace and to sit for the online exam when you're ready. That alone, is enough to swing my decision to them, but the fact that they actually are a credible voice in this industry.. is a very welcome bonus.
There are many who aren't all out for online certifications, and I don't blame them. For example, a complete newbie would need to familiarize himself with exercises, technique, and have a good understanding of our health and bodies. For someone like me, or anyone who's been around the scene for a good few years - an online certification could be just what they need to take their career to the next level since we already have the basics nailed down. Although there's nothing like having a real live person in front of you to interact with, I'm actually pretty comfortable with their in depth study materials and support offered.
The ISSA offers a completely online personal training course. You can sign up, read materials, take practice tests, and sit for the real certification exam all online. No need to talk to a real person. This does have its up and downs.. but I do believe that the quality of their syllabus, and if you really are a dedicated person and are passionate about it - getting certified will easily place you 10 notches above the average PT in your gym who only carries an in house certification.
The ISSA offers certifications in various categories, but I've personally had my eyes set on the Specialist in Performance Nutrition (SPN) certification for quite some time now. Its not really a course that gets you involved in training an individual, but pretty much a specialised course to understand the role nutrition plays in our bodies and how we can best maximise that for maximum performance by our bodies.

3 Steps To Sell Your Own Personal Training Program Successfully

3 Steps To Sell Your Own Personal Training Program Successfully
Have you long been trying to sell your own personal training program but getting failed to attract enough number of customers? Well, there are certain rules that you need to follow during the trade of your fitness products and services.
Find out below 3 most important ones among them:
Identify the target of your potential clients
The first and foremost thing that you need to emphasize for selling your own fitness program is the fitness aim of your potential clients. Whether you are an online personal trainer or running effective personal fitness training programs in a fitness club, your main objective should always be helping your clients out of their physical troubles and providing great assistance to them at each and every step.
 While talking to your clients, make sure that you are taking notes of important things. It would make them feel like you really 'care'. Try to understand their emotions that are driving them to a reliable and effective fitness program. Also, try to know their history like if they had ever undergone any kind of personal training, what was the reason behind quitting it, if there was any injury or not, and so on. Finally, focus on their fitness goals and chalk out the right path for them.
Offer results instead of packages
Clients are investing their hard-earned bucks in the personal training program offered by you, and there is no doubt that they would expect a good return of their money. So, try to show them proper outcomes rather than offering them false promises. Once you are aware of the targets of your clients, start developing basic plans for them. It would be more than best if you can chart out the entire plan physically right in front of the clients and explain some of the steps clearly to them. It is also important to elucidate how your proposed plan can help them meet their fitness goals gradually. Be concise, but be specific. No matter how confused your client is about his or her fitness needs, once you provide a brief outline of your program and enlighten them about its efficiency in a wise as well as deliberate manner, he or she would start getting convinced.
Be strategic about setting the price
Before deciding on the selling price of your fitness training program, you must get the buy-in. It means you need to book your potential client into your agenda as per your proposed plan. Try to be a bit strategic while doing this.
 But once you are able to get the commitments from the clients on your plans, you are done halfway through your selling process. Finally, consider the money matter. Prepare a professional sales sheet for making the trade of your training program official. Make sure that you are offering at least with 3 pricing choices to your clients. 
These include a low-priced option, a 'value for money' option, and a pricey option. Check out the prices set for various other similar services available in the market, and then set your own prices tactfully.

Personal Training - Spot the Fad Diet

Personal Training - Spot the Fad Diet
There are endless diets being released constantly and they all claim to be the holy grail of weight loss and body transformation. I am pretty casual and don't mind these as long as they are sound, because not one diet or particular eating style will suit all people. That's just unrealistic. But how can the non-dietician and non-nutritionist separate the bad from the good, well, there are few things to look out for. If you don't, you just may get less than sub-optimal results from your personal training regime.
Lifestyle Is the diet in question a realistic way to live your life for the long-term (not that not all are die-hard health nuts)? For example, if you are required to have meal replacements for most or all of your meals - is that something that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life? If it isn't, don't do it. 
You may lose some weight, but you also run the risk of malnourishment and once the diet is over you are likely to go back to your old habits and gain the weight back. So what did we learn? Nothing.
Malnourishment Is the diet getting you enough vitamins, minerals and fibre? Does it even mention it? Is it a one-size-fits-all or can it be customised? One energy requirement is seldom enough to cater for all different shapes, sizes and goals. But if it gives clear instructions on how to modify it, then it's okay in my books.
Education Do the creators explain their reasoning behind their choices and do they educate you on how to style your eating for the long-term, once your weight loss goal is achieved?
 Like with the lifestyle paragraph, if you don't know what to do once you lost your weight, other than follow the same plan for the rest of your life, chances are you'll fall back into old habits and put stack the kilos back on again. 
And doing so can be extremely discouraging and damaging your self-confidence and self-image, so do everything you can to avoid it.
That I'd say are the most important things to look out for and if they all check out and there are no huge question marks that worry you, go right ahead and try it. 
Remember that "diet" simply means "what you eat", and has nothing to do with restrictions or limitations. It is not an ugly word, but it's definitely overused by us fitness nerds.

Personalized Workout Plans

Personalized Workout Plans
Trying to lose weight and stay fit can be scary when doing it alone. You don't know if you are doing it right, or if you are doing it safely. One of the best ways to get fit and stay fit is to have a professional help guide you in the right direction. This is how a personalized workout plan works.
 The main benefit of having a workout plan developed is that you will have a personal trainer to guide you. A personal trainer is a professional who is certified in exercise and fitness. He or she has the knowledge to prepare a safe program that helps you reach your personal goals. 
These workouts will be designed to suit your schedule, your body and any other important factors. You no longer have to fear if you are exercising correctly because you will have a personal trainer there to guide you.
With a personalized workout plan you are more likely to stay on track, as compared to trying to reach your fitness goals on your own. You will have a personal trainer pushing and encouraging you the entire time. Your personal trainer will act as your coach and friend. Pushing you to keep going when you feel you can't, and celebrating with you when you have met your goal.
 Having a personalized workout also helps you to achieve your goals faster and maintain them longer. 
Personalized workouts set you up with exercises and healthy eating habits that will not only keep you fit, but improve your overall health. These plans that are created by your personal trainer can be maintained for the rest of your life.
There are several places that you may find a fitness trainer to help you create a personal workout plan. When searching, make sure that your personal trainer is certified and has your best interests at heart.
 Fitness trainers work with you to design programs that help you reach your goals. Personalized workout plans are a great way to get and stay in shape. Because they are specifically designed to help you and to fit in your life style, they are very effective when followed.
 You also get one-on-one time with a professional who understands your problems and has solutions to fix them. Personalized workouts are a great choice when deciding to get fit.