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Best Exercise Program To Lose Weight

Best Exercise Program To Lose Weight
What is the best exercised program to lose weight? There are a number of factors that you need to consider to make sure you maximize the burning of fat, and don't over train and give up.
Aerobic exercise burns a higher percentage of fat.
There are two types of exercise. Aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is typically low intensity training, so your heart rate is pushed to between 60 and 70% of your maximum heart rate threshold (your maximum heart rate threshold is approximately 220 minus your age). When you train in this heart rate range, studies have shown that you burn the highest percentage of fat.
For example, it is estimated the exercise of walking burns approximately 55-60% fat, depending on your intensity. The reason that you burn a higher percentage of fat, is that your body combines oxygen with your fat stores to fuel your muscles. As long as you stay in the low threshold range, you will continue to burn fat. However, long aerobic sessions can actually start to burn muscle as well, which is the opposite of what we need.
Anaerobic exercise burns more fat in total
Anaerobic exercise on the other hand, is high intensity training. Your body burns fuel quicker than the oxygen and fat can supply it, so glycogen (commonly known as carbohydrates) which is stored in the muscles and liver, is called on. Therefore the percentage of fat burned decreases, compared to aerobic exercise, but the total amount of fat burned increases, because so much more fuel is required to provide energy for the high intensity burst. So you are actually burning more fat with high intensity exercise. That is what matters. More fat burned means more calories burned (a calorie is a unit measure of energy). The more calories you burn, the faster you lose weight, given that your calorie intake is lower than the calories burned.
The problem with anaerobic exercise
The problem with high intensity exercise is that lactic acid builds up quickly, due to the lack of oxygen getting to the muscles. Lactic acid causes that burning sensation in your muscles, and forces you to slow down and recover.
The best exercise program to lose weight
So the best exercise program for weight loss is a combination of high intensity training, combined with recovery periods to let your body recover. This form of training is known as interval training. Many sports use this form of training to build up, and maintain fitness in athletes, but it has also been proven conclusively by scientists to maximize fat burning, and weight loss. The beauty of interval training is that you don't need to spend so much time exercising. It is actually detrimental to your weight loss do so.
I have reviewed two of the best exercise programs that claim to accelerate weight loss by adopting the exact approach I have just outlined above, interval training. These programs both recommend three sessions a week, for no more than 50 minutes each session.

Fat Loss Workouts - Lose Weight Safely and Naturally

Fat Loss Workouts - Lose Weight Safely and Naturally
The truth is that no matter how hard you try, fat loss without physical activity is not possible. Besides this, exercising regularly will also provide a bunch of other benefits for your overall health condition. Weight loss industry is in full bloom nowadays and every day a new program is on the market. 
The disadvantage of this is that you can find a lot of contradictory information about fat loss workout. The rules of fat loss workout seem to vary depending on the person that is stating them.
This might be very confusing and you might end up wondering what you are supposed to do. As we are all different, our bodies react differently to fat loss workouts and what might give incredible results for someone might not be so efficient for somebody else. You have to ask for the advice of a professional, if necessary, in order to determine what type of physical exercises is appropriate in your case.
Everybody knows that cardio is an effective fat loss workout and many people have turned to it. 
Since we are being bombarded with contradictory information, we tend to become confused, not knowing anymore if low intensity or high intensity cardio is best to be practiced. Some experts argue that low intensity cardio is not burning enough calories in order to promote fat burn.
On the other hand, others say that high intensity cardio, even if it burns more calories, is not efficient because it doesn't last enough. What to do then? The truth is somewhere in between, as usual, and the correct approach is to find the perfect combination between low intensity and high intensity exercises. After you gain some experience, you will be able to tell what the best fat loss workout in your case is and what combination gives the best results.
Other professionals in this field came up with the idea that a weight loss workout has to include strength training also. They seem to have convincing arguments for this and their point seems perfectly reasonable. Strength training, unlike cardio or other workout, also promotes calorie burning after you are done. 
Even though you have ended your workout routine, your body will still burn fat. The metabolic rate will remain high for good hours and this will help you burn some extra fat.

Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga For Weight Loss
Obesity has always been a concern for people as it causes various physical and mental discomforts. Lack of stamina, difficulty in physical movements, difficulty in breathing are some of the physical troubles that people with the excess weight face. Feeling inferior and stress are the mental uneasiness caused by obesity. Effective planning and the implementation of plans to lose weight is a must to earn back all those comforts. 
This article brings out one special strategy towards losing weight and that is yoga. Yoga is a vast subject which comprises lot of methods that can help you get rid of excess weight from your body.

Significance of Yoga
Yoga is not a high intensity exercise that makes you sweat and lose weight. It is a gentle method that tones your body by stretching and breathing mechanisms. Yoga cannot be claimed as a big exercising option as it is of moderate intensity. Very quick weight loss cannot be experienced with this method, but a sizeable change can be made which can be maintained for a very long period of time. With yoga, proper body shape can be toned and weight gain can be moderated.
Yoga postures
The techniques and postures of yoga concentrate mainly on stretching and breathing methods. The breathing induces more metabolisms and the stretching will set up muscle expansions. Though these procedures aid the weight loss process indirectly, it is to be admitted that they are extremely effective in bringing out results. 
A good frame of mind should be developed in order to take the yoga initiative. The biggest advantage is that yoga is a relaxing way of exercising which as mentioned earlier relieves you from any kind of stress.
Doing yoga stretches your body in good ways. When lean muscles are synthesized, calories in the body get burnt and this is an effective way to lose weight. The stretching exercises make your body to generate more muscles. When muscles use up energy, large amount of calories will be expended and this is the principle behind the stretching methods. Another advantage is that stretching is not a very high intensity exercise and can be easily adopted by anyone. Stretching exercises eases you off from any physical strains as well takes you to a higher level of health.
Proper breathing mechanism helps you to lose weight impressively. Breathing is the mechanism where oxygen intake occurs. Oxygen facilitates the breaking down of food molecules. When there is more supply of oxygen, the more effective will be the respiration process that leads to the exhaustion of calories. Synchronous breathing along with proper stretching is one of the principles of yoga that aids weight loss in a big way. Slow breathing is advised that prompts effective body metabolism.
Yoga is not a new development and these techniques have been in existence for ages. Few new formulations have been developed in the recent past to concentrate on toning the body shape and losing weight. This slight modification and a process of constructive evolution have been mainly developed to suit people in the west and in America who are fighting obesity. Yoga originated in the eastern countries and has been tinkered a bit to suit the habits and daily routines of the people in the west.

Spiritual and Mental Side

The yoga techniques involve more of mental and spiritual factors that influence your body through mind control. Lot depends on how you take up things in mind and apply yourself in following these techniques. You got to believe that you can achieve the goal of losing weight and getting a better body shape. Yoga insists on ways to control body over mind more than any hard fought physical exercises.
Yoga Methods
There are a couple of methods that effectively suits weight loss. The process of weight loss goes well with the yoga techniques but it is very important to choose the right ways of losing weight. The bikram yoga and the astanga yoga are the two popular methods that suit the weight loss ambitions. More information about these postures are discussed below which can be implemented immediately to taste the results.
Bikram Yoga
This is a preferred exercise by sports persons especially the athletes. Many celebrities too opt for this yoga method which drastically burns out calories in the body. One main thing that needs to be practiced is consistency. This yoga should be done for at least ten times for over a period of one month. The Bikram yoga is a combination of aerobic, cardio vascular and fat burning exercises. There will not be enough time gaps to practice this workout. It will take a while to acquaint with the speed of exercises. The key here is to increase the heart rate and burn more amount of fats with this yoga procedure. The comfort that one can feel in the minds while doing this exercise is remarkable. Stress levels can be eased off to a large extent by following this yoga procedure. Weight loss outcomes are sure to happen with the practice of bikram yoga and not only can you tone your mind well you will also increase your patience levels, composure and self control.
Literal Significance
The blood circulation is enhanced with the practice of bikram yoga. With efficient blood circulation, oxygen is supplied to all parts of the body and hence a tremendous improvement in terms of calorie exhaustion can be seen. Muscles will be lively and tender and hence suck more blood to grow. More the muscles grow; more is the exhaustion of the stored stray food molecules and lesser the risk of obesity disorders. Yoga practice does not involve sweating out like those high intensity exercise and can be enjoyed a lot.

Treadmill Weight Loss Workouts and Protein

Treadmill Weight Loss Workouts and Protein
For a treadmill workout to succeed you need the optimal amount of fats and carbohydrates and lots of protein. In this article I will discuss why you need to protein to succeed at your treadmill weight loss workouts.
Why large amounts of protein?

You need lots of protein because you need to maintain the maximum amount of muscle mass if you wish to lose weight whiles using a treadmill workout.

Once you are following the right treadmill weight loss workout you then need to maintain as much muscle mass as you can. Protein is important because it helps to increase your metabolism and it also helps boost your immune system. Protein is the most important macronutrient because it helps to retain muscle whiles you are performing your treadmill workouts
So how much protein do you need to consume for your treadmill workouts?

You need about half a gram per pound of body weight

So to make sure you recover from your treadmill workouts you need to consume at least.5 grams per pound of body weight. The best sources of protein include fish, eggs and white meats.

And if you can afford it, a good whey protein supplement is also a good way to make sure you get all the protein you need to recover from your treadmill workouts.
So what is the correct proportion of protein to other macronutrients you need in your diet?

The best proportion of protein to carbohydrates you need in your treadmill diet should be around 40% protein. 60% carbohydrates.
That number may scare you but you need it to retain the hard earned muscle you have and are building with your workouts.
You also need protein to recover from your treadmill weight loss workouts. Working out on the treadmill means that your body needs and demands more protein than the average person

And because every person is unique, a good figure for the amount of protein you need is half a gram per pound of body weight.
This means that if you weight 200 pounds you will need 100 grams of protein a day!

And whiles it is true that consuming lots of protein can harm your kidneys, the treadmill workouts and weight training workouts you perform will make sure all the protein you consume are utilized and burned the right way! You therefore have no reason to fear the effects of protein on the body!

Best 5 Exercises To Lose Weight From Hips And Thighs FAST & EASY

Best 5 Exercises To Lose Weight From Hips And Thighs 

The majority of us accept that tummy fat is the hardest to break (which is very valid), however in the event that you reconsider, fat amassed in the hips is the following extreme one to nail. Be it salwar kameez or a couple of pants, a fat base can destroy nearly anything that you wear. Saree can be a redeeming quality, yet you can't be wearing that constantly, correct?

Knowing how humiliating it can be to stroll around with overwhelming hips, we have decoded several activities that can prove to be useful, in the event that you are endeavoring to shed pounds from your hips. Begin with these staple activities that will enable you to tame the cellulite around your hips.


To build the trouble level, take a stab at putting your body weight on your toes and squat. You can likewise utilize dumbbells and place your arms parallel to the ground. Or on the other hand, utilize a weight plate and hold it with the two hands, and keep your arms parallel to the floor. You will feel the gluteal (three muscles which make up the backside) being practiced and stretched as far as possible.

Standing side-kick 

This is an extraordinary kick-boxing represent that all women must add to their wellness administration. In the event that you are not used to strenuous activities or are not sufficiently adaptable, at that point first of all utilization a seat or a divider for the help as you lift your leg. A short time later, dispose of the help for better outcomes.

Uneven leg lifts 

To expand the trouble level in this one, you can lift both the legs rather than one. As the principal leg achieves an agreeable position, lift the second one to meet it mid-air. On the off chance that you are going for a twofold leg lift, at that point hold your one hand under your head, and the other one on the floor before you to deal with your body weight better.

Superman leg raise 

Spread a tangle on the floor and get on the entirety of your fours with weight equitably adjusted between your hands and knees, to keep away from any damage.

Raise your left leg behind you, till it is parallel to the ground. Ensure you don't twist your elbow while extending your leg.

Hold this situation till a check of 5 seconds and after that return to the first position.

Rehash with right leg to finish one rep.

Do no less than 4 reps in a single set and progressively increment the quantity of sets to 4.

Hip raise 

Rests level on your back with your knees marginally twisted and your hands close by.

Keeping your feet solidly on the floor, lift your hips a bit. Keep your body weight adjusted staring you in the face and feet.

Presently, gradually bring your left leg up in front. What's more, keep the toe pointing towards the roof.

Hold this situation for five seconds, and take it back to the first (knee twisted) position.

Follow Healthy Weight Loss Programs

Follow Healthy Weight Loss Programs

To lose excess of weight in a healthy way is not an easy task as many of us has thought to be. Losing of weight in a healthy way is more important than to just lose the weight. To lose excess of body fat in a healthy way it doesn't mean that you have to take pills or any kind of medication. 

It means you are required to follow healthy workouts and not to follow any useless workouts or ideas. There are many of us who think that dieting is the only way to lose excess of fat. 
And thus we will start eating less and will follow unusual eating habits thinking that whatever we are having is healthy and will help us in slimming down.
But to say you this is not the right way for following the techniques of weight loss. It is true that dieting will help you in bringing down your weight but it is also true that dieting alone will not help you in bringing down your excess of body mass. To achieve this purpose you are required to follow various techniques and ideas that are healthy enough and not a bogus one. 
To lose excess of body mass in a healthy manner means to follow various workouts that are thought or designed by professional trainer of weight loss programs. They will design the program keeping in mind the needs of preferences of each and every individual those who approach them.
Dieting part will also be included but it is not that dieting where you thought that you have to less. Dieting over means you will asked to consume the same quantity of food which is less in calories but high in minerals, proteins, vitamins and calcium. 
Your unusual eating habits will be changed into usual consumption habits (i.e.) you will be asked to consume your meals in 4 to 5 breakups rather than consuming in one single meal. This is a healthy diet which is suggested by expertise like dietitians too.
Weight loss programs will involve other activities like how to follow certain workouts. They will teach you which workouts are needed to be followed regularly and which is needed to follow in occasions.
 Other than workouts trainees are asked to take part in various sporty activities like swimming, dancing, cycling, and running. This will help you and your body to remain to be in an active form and thus helping you to perform all your activities in a healthy way.
Weight loss programs are designed in such a way that those persons who are following them will not feel frustrated nor they will get tired. As regular motivation is given individuals will not feel that they are lost from their track nor from their goal. 
Such motivations will not only help individuals to stick in their goals for shorter period (i.e.) till you lose weight but it will also help to follow the same plans and ideas for entire life so as to stay healthy and fit.