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Guilt's Role in Your Workout Routine

Guilt's Role in Your Workout Routine
How often do you take a day off from your workout routine, only to spend the day saddled with guilt? Or you hit the gym, planning a quick workout, but your guilt inspires you to push past the quickie and give it 100 percent? My favorite is when I'm hungry for a juicy cheeseburger and my guilt persuades me to order the salad.
Guilt is a part of our biological make-up. We feel guilty in life to keep ourselves in check, whether it be in our workout, our eating habits, or our lifestyle in general.

When we give our mind a lame excuse to skip a sweat session, our guilt weighs in to hold us accountable. It's the little voice in the back of your head demanding to know why you really didn't go to the gym like planned or chose to skip your after dinner walk. Once you learn to listen to this inner voice, it can be your greatest ally in your quest to get fit. Allow it to help you get in touch with what's really going on in your mind preventing you from reaching your goals. Don't allow it to sabotage your efforts.
You can discover a lot about yourself from listening to your guilt. Your guilt may be telling you to slow down. If your excuses to skip your workout are born out of frustration of constant muscle soreness, you may be overworking your muscles without giving them adequate time to rebuild. Or you are bored with your current program and it's time to switch up your fitness routine. Maybe it's time to sign up for a new class to ignite that former spark you felt when your exercised. Try a yoga class to find your inner peace and get in touch with your inner self. It will teach you to focus your mind, consequently keeping your guilt in check.
Your diet is another area where guilt can be your biggest ally. When your body craves the richest item on the menu, let guilt be your guide in ordering. I always count on my inner voice speaking up when I consider ordering the prime rib. It doesn't screams, NO! Because, I know there are more fat and calories in a piece of prime rib, than an entire dinner of 6 oz. Filet, Baked Potato, Salad with low calorie dressing, and a vegetable. So, let you guilt speak up and eat the Filet! It is better for your heart and your waistline.
Instead of allowing guilt to corrupt your fitness goals, use it to your advantage. Allow it to push you harder at the gym and make your workouts more effective, allow it to help you make smart choices in terms of your diet, and most of all allow it to persuade your mind to succeed on your fitness journey!

Fat Loss Workout Routine Without Weights at Home

Fat Loss Workout Routine Without Weights at Home
These days, there are a lot of home workout routines out there. It's difficult to know which one too choose! Let me share with you a bodyweight routine that has worked for me in the past. Try it out and see if it works for you:
Perform 10 rounds of: 

Quad Hop, 30 seconds
Push Up, 30 seconds
Frogger, 30 seconds
This workouts lasts just 15 minutes. You're performing 3 different exercises for 30 seconds each. Move through each exercise one after the other without rest, and perform 10 total rounds. The first exercise is a quad hop. The quad hops is next level up from a regular quad squat.

To perform a quad hop, start off in kneeling position, and bring your butt as close to you heels as possible. Place your hands on the floor and lean forward until your back is parallel to the floor. Your knees and elbows should be slightly splayed out at around a 45 degree angle.

Stretch your spine and tighten your abs. Drop your body towards the ground by bending with your elbows and knees at the same time. Its almost like doing a push up, except for the fact that your knees are bent and feet are closer to your body. Drop your body as low as it can go, then push back up explosively so that you catch air.

When your body drops back down, make sure that you don't "stop" yourself with your wrists. Maintain the momentum, and go straight into the next repetition. This movement is almost like a combination of aplyometric pushup and squat jump. It takes time to get used to the movement.

If you are unable to do the quad hop, then just do the quad squat. The quad squat is just the quad hop without the hop at the end. To perform the second exercise, straighten your knees out, and just perform a regular pushup. The one thing I love about this routine is the transition between the exercises.

Waste no time moving from one exercise to the next. After the pushup, stay in pushup position to transition into the frogger. Drop your hips to the ground while keep your upper body and hands straight. Your knees should be touching the floor and you should feel a stretch in your lower back.

Exhale and reverse the movement, leading with your hips. Press your butt towards the sky so that your legs and hands are straight. Your body should look like an upside down "V". Relax, and return back to the starting position, with your hips and knees on the floor.

Fitness Workout Routine - Lean, Toned, and Strong

Fitness Workout Routine - Lean, Toned, and Strong
Most people want the kind of fitness workout routine that is going to give them the perfect beach body; lean with a little muscle in all the right places and of course, a great set of abs. Most of us are not looking to become muscle-bound behemoths. 
The good news is that it really is next to impossible to become accidentally muscle-bound. Those bodybuilders that seek to get huge devote every minute of their life to the task, so don't think it will just happen by accident. The idea that trying to get stronger will make you massive is just dead wrong. In fact, getting stronger is one of the best ways to get that lean, sleek look.
For years now there have been a lot of misconceptions about strength training. For example, many women are encouraged by so-called fitness trainers not to squat with weights as it will give you a "huge butt". In my twenty-some-odd years of experience I have noticed the opposite. Those women who squat tend to have very tight and shapely glutes. Even more incredible may be the observation that the stronger the women were, the perkier their bum looked. So go ahead and ignore squatting with weights, but do so to your own detriment.
An added benefit of squatting is that it actually gives you abdominals a great workout. You want beach-worthy abs. Make sure you include squats in your routine.

Likewise, many people avoid chin ups. It seems to be an exercise only a muscle-head would need to do. It's no coincidence that chins ups are very hard to do. Often times the avoidance of these hard exercises are rationalized away by claiming they are for gym rats or bodybuilders. If you go to a gym or just joined one try to notice those who chin up regularly. They tend to be fitter people. Hard work gets the best results so it only makes sense that the hard exercises will get you the most dramatic results.
Deadlifts, kettlebells, standing overhead barbell presses, dips, and nearly any conceivable difficult exercise is often avoided by the majority of people. But these exercises are the ones that are going to give you the beach body you want. Aim to get strong in all these difficult lifts and you will be amazed at how you can transform your body into the body you have always wanted.
The only caution, besides checking with your doctor beforehand, is to find either sensible fitness trainers, online guides, or instructional manuals that will help you to perfect the form of each of these lifts. Form is paramount - screw it up and you won't get any results besides likely injuring yourself.
Start with light weights and perfect your form. Don't work to failure. Stop 2 or 3 repetitions before you think your muscles would actually give out. That way you can concentrate on having perfect form on every rep. Pretty soon you'll be able to handle heavier weights safely as you start looking better and better.

All Natural Bodybuilding Workout Routine

All Natural Bodybuilding Workout Routine
Most people refuse to believe that it is possible to build muscles using all natural bodybuilding programs. This is why bodybuilding has had such a bad reputation especially because of the famous bodybuilders who use steroids.
All natural bodybuilding simply means the use of natural methods to build body muscles i.e. with no use of any muscle enhancers or anabolic substances. Real athletes use methods by following a routine that features well structured bodybuilding diets and natural performance enhancing supplements.
Tracking progress in natural body building is important. Any bodybuilder should clearly outline his or her targets or goals so that it could be easier to access progress. If you don't have well defined goals, then your chances of success will be very slim.
Take some time to learn as much as possible about bodybuilding in order to be able to "custom build" your body in a way that suites you best. Learn as much as you can about natural supplements, training and dieting. Don't give up half way through - this process is about serious commitment.
One of the best way to stay in the game for longer is to start by establishing clear reasons why you want to use an all natural program. The truth is, when it comes to a sport such as bodybuilding you are either doing it naturally or not.
 This is an especially important point when considering professional bodybuilding. Remember that in competitions, you are not permitted to use any unnatural supplements. The reason is simple, if others were to use steroids, then it would defeat the whole purpose of the sport - it would simply be unfair to those choosing to go the natural route.
It may look difficult at first especially for beginners but it is possible to use methods that are natural for building body muscle. Anyone, including you, can build them and be successful as a bodybuilder by simply designing specific and highly effective diet and bodybuilding workout routines. All in all, using natural ways is the best way to build muscles - it's not just for making you feeling confident and looking great but it is a sure way to stay healthy.

A Healthy Workout Routine

A Healthy Workout Routine
There are several reasons why a workout routine may be considered. Some of the main benefits include weight loss, adequate sleep and stress reduction. 
However, the premier reason to begin a regimen of exercises is to prevent oneself from contracting diseases. One common benefit that accrues from these exercises is the prevention of heart diseases and several types of cancers, too. A daily workout is an assurance of living a longer and healthier life.
You needn't be skinny to begin exercising, as everyone, irrespective of physical shape should begin somewhere. If you happen to be out of shape, walking is considered the easiest exercise to start with. If walking, as an exercise, is new to you, begin by walking on a flat, even surface, for only a few minutes on the first day. 
What's important is to set an achievable period of time as your goal and then gradually increase this period as you go along over time. As your stamina and walking time duration increase, you may opt for more hilly terrain for your walking exercise.
To achieve better results during your walking exercise, add some weight to your arms and legs. This added weight will help to strengthen and tone up your muscles a lot more. Make sure to avoid excessive additional weights, as this may lead to muscular pull or strain.
You may start with other exercises, no sooner you have mastered your walking exercise and built up your endurance levels. Another good exercise is biking which is effective for efficient heart functioning and muscle improvement. 
Jogging is also an effective exercise that you can also consider, as it can help you to use the strength and stamina you acquired from walking and build on them. However, you must remember to be moderate in all the exercises you choose to do. If you begin any new exercise, start slowly, and then graduate to a faster pace from there. This is because it will take time for your body and muscles to adjust to new demands made on them.

A Beginner's Workout Routine

A Beginner's Workout Routine
It's that time of year again. Millions of people will be heading into gyms as they attempt to lose that holiday weight and then some. It's amazing how many people make it their new year's resolution. It is also amazing how many people fail to succeed and achieve their resolution (see Keeping that New Years Resolution Part 1 & Part 2). 
My goal at 20sfitness is to educate you on what to do and what not to do. In this case I am going to give you a beginner's workout routine to start the new year. This is meant for someone who is new to working out and fitness in general, male or female. The amount of weight you use on these exercises is based on what you think you are capable of doing. Read more...
Basic Rules
Lift- 3 Days a week, Rest 3 minutes between every set, Once again, the weight you use on these exercises can only be determined by yourself. All lifting should be done in sets of 12,10 and 8.

Cardio- 5 Days a week, 30 Min Sessions on lifting days, 1 hour session on cardio only days. You can choose from an elliptical or a treadmill. However this does not mean you can sit and walk the whole time. Try jogging for 4-6 minutes and then walking for 2 minutes until the session is over.
Sunday = Off Day 
Each exercise contains a link to which will show the exercise in detail with a picture.
Day 1 (Monday)- Back and Biceps
Exercise 1- Tight Grip Pull Ups. This will work your back and your biceps out in one exercise. 
Exercise 2- Cable Pull Downs. This will work the lateral muscles in your back. Once again, the weight can only be determined by yourself. 
Exercise 3- EZ Bar preacher bar bicep curls. These will focus on the top or arch of the bicep. 
Exercise 4- Cable Rows. This will work out your mid-lower back. Sets of 12,10, and 8. 
Exercise 5- Hammer Curls. These will help your biceps gain size. Sets of 12, 10 and 8. 
Exercise 6- Barbell Rows. These will help gain mass in your back. Sets of 12, 10 and 8. 
30 Minute Cardio Session
Day 2 (Tuesday)- Cardio Only.
1 Hour session on the treadmill or elliptical.
Day 3 (Wednesday)- Chest and Triceps
Exercise 1- Dips. This will workout your chest and triceps in one exercise. 
Exercise 2- Tricep Pushdowns. These will help hit all three parts of the triceps. Helping you build the muscle evenly. 
Exercise 3- Barbell Bench Press. The staple chest exercise. 
Exercise 4- Standing Tricep Extensions. Another exercise that is going to help add mass to your triceps. Bigger triceps= bigger arms. 
Exercise 5- Dumbbell Flies. These will allow the sides of your chest closer to your shoulder to grow and get stronger. 
30 Minute Cardio Session
Day 4 (Thursday)-Rest Day
No lifting or Cardio. Relax.
Day 5 (Friday)- Shoulders and Legs
Exercise 1- Seated Smith Machine Press. With a little help from the Smith Machine, this will help you build big shoulder muscles. 
Exercise 2- Barbell Lunges. Great for building up strength in the legs. A staple for building muscle in your calves and hamstrings. 
Exercise 3- Side Lateral Raises. Another shoulder building staple. 
Exercise 4- Lying Leg Curls. This will build up the strength in your hamstrings. 
30 Minute Cardio Session