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What's the Best Fitness Workout Routine?

What's the Best Fitness Workout Routine?
If you want to build muscle fast then you have to know what is the best fitness workout routine that you can follow to achieve results fast. With all the people and so-called experts who are claiming to be know-it-all fitness gurus and with all the fitness programs that are out there, it is really hard to determine what really is the best fitness workout routine. If you are looking for a good exercise program to follow but are confused with the number of options available, then you have come to the right place because here you will learn how to choose an exercise routine that will work best for you.
The best fitness workout routine is something that provides the results at the shortest time possible. One of the fastest ways to build muscle is to engage as many muscles groups as possible in an exercise Many experts are now extolling the merits of compound exercises or those that utilizes more than one muscle group in a movement.
An ideal exercise routine pays as much importance to the rest period as to the exercises. This is because the rest period actually is the time when muscles develop. Ideally, muscles should be able to rest for at least 48 hours in between workouts. This time ensures that the muscles would have recovered completely in time for the next set of strenuous movements.
These are just some of the things that you have to remember when looking for the best fitness workout routine.

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Total Body Workout Routine

Total Body Workout Routine
The only workout routine you should use is one that is designed specifically for your body type. This is because everyone's body is different and responds differently to training. Finding the right combination of exercises that is going to allow you go build the most muscle is your goal. The first step is figuring out your body type.
If you gain weight easily and put on muscle without much lifting, finding a routine should not be too difficult. You can look in a muscle magazine. These are intended for a wide audience and help people that gain weight easiest. Another good source of advice might be someone at they gym who also gains weight and builds muscle easily.
If you are a hardgainer, you must be much more selective in choosing a workout routine. Hardgainers work out just as hard and as long as everyone else but do not see the same improvements to their body. This is because their muscles recover slowly and they are usually training with tried muscles. To get the muscle gains they want, they need to allow ample time for these muscles to heal.
The best way to let the muscles heal is to find a routine that only calls for a few hours in the weight room each week. The workout sessions should not last longer than 1 hour. This will ensure muscle growth while allowing ample time for the muscles to heal. The best schedule to use is to lift one day and then rest one day. This means you will be lifting 4 days one week than 3 the next.

Stay Lean With a Smart Abs Workout Routine

Stay Lean With a Smart Abs Workout Routine
It is often frustrating to repeat the same abs workout routine. However, it is always about motivation. Forget diet pills, losing weight with avoiding this or that. Forget low carbon diets or losing 50 pounds in a month. Take care of both your health and your figure through regular abdominal workout routine, as a part of your entire exercise program.
Since most people consider specifically their abs muscles, it is always a good thing to add a new exercise or two onto the existing pack of your abs workout routine. A new exercise is a challenge and a simple change in our daily abs workout routines, will force us to achieve something new and more.
As in any exercise, we will harvest the best of results if combining our abs exercises with core exercises and eventually create an ultimate program suitable for our body.
There is a variety of methods in a exercise routine. Best of all would be the sets of different exercises, conducted in turns, with regular breakouts and consumption of fluids.
Abs routine in general will help you prevent moving to the back more than advised. Abdominal exercise sets usually comprise of sit-ups, crunches, side-planks and raising legs.
How do you create our own abs workout routine? Choose an exercise and repeat two or three sets. Go on with another one. After you have rounded the circle, take a rest. Picking up various exercises to start with is going to make your abdominal workout routine more versatile and interesting.
If you want to polish your methods and go a bit further in the terms of physical effort, go for two sets of chosen exercises without pausing. Take a break only after you have finished the second round of abs workout routine.

Workout Routine With Free Weights

Workout Routine With Free Weights
Your goals will determine your workout routine. So, what are your goals? Men usually want to build big muscles, women usually want to build slender sexy muscles and it seems like everybody wants to lose weight. Well, I'll tell you just how to do all three.
To build big muscles you need to lift a lot of weights. That seems obvious but it is how you go about doing it. You will want to lift with 80% of your maximum capacity and never lift to failure. Always stop a couple of reps before failure. You will do 4 to 6 repetitions and 10 to 20 sets. Yes, that's a lot of lifting but it is what you have to do if you want to get big quick.
Ladies you will not be getting big, you will be getting strong and slender. You will also lift with 80% of your max but only 2 to 4 sets and no more than 5 repetitions.
To lose weight it is best to use something called a kettlebell. This is a Russian device and looks like a cannonball with a handle. Because of its design it is ideal for swinging which adds an element of cardiovascular activity that isn't available from dumbbells and barbells.
When using KBs you will want to work out in a circuit moving from exercise to exercise with a brief period of rest in between. In this way you will actually burn up to 20 calories a minute and turn your body into a fat burning furnace long after the work out is over.

Guilt's Role in Your Workout Routine

Guilt's Role in Your Workout Routine
How often do you take a day off from your workout routine, only to spend the day saddled with guilt? Or you hit the gym, planning a quick workout, but your guilt inspires you to push past the quickie and give it 100 percent? My favorite is when I'm hungry for a juicy cheeseburger and my guilt persuades me to order the salad.
Guilt is a part of our biological make-up. We feel guilty in life to keep ourselves in check, whether it be in our workout, our eating habits, or our lifestyle in general.

When we give our mind a lame excuse to skip a sweat session, our guilt weighs in to hold us accountable. It's the little voice in the back of your head demanding to know why you really didn't go to the gym like planned or chose to skip your after dinner walk. Once you learn to listen to this inner voice, it can be your greatest ally in your quest to get fit. Allow it to help you get in touch with what's really going on in your mind preventing you from reaching your goals. Don't allow it to sabotage your efforts.
You can discover a lot about yourself from listening to your guilt. Your guilt may be telling you to slow down. If your excuses to skip your workout are born out of frustration of constant muscle soreness, you may be overworking your muscles without giving them adequate time to rebuild. Or you are bored with your current program and it's time to switch up your fitness routine. Maybe it's time to sign up for a new class to ignite that former spark you felt when your exercised. Try a yoga class to find your inner peace and get in touch with your inner self. It will teach you to focus your mind, consequently keeping your guilt in check.
Your diet is another area where guilt can be your biggest ally. When your body craves the richest item on the menu, let guilt be your guide in ordering. I always count on my inner voice speaking up when I consider ordering the prime rib. It doesn't screams, NO! Because, I know there are more fat and calories in a piece of prime rib, than an entire dinner of 6 oz. Filet, Baked Potato, Salad with low calorie dressing, and a vegetable. So, let you guilt speak up and eat the Filet! It is better for your heart and your waistline.
Instead of allowing guilt to corrupt your fitness goals, use it to your advantage. Allow it to push you harder at the gym and make your workouts more effective, allow it to help you make smart choices in terms of your diet, and most of all allow it to persuade your mind to succeed on your fitness journey!

Fat Loss Workout Routine Without Weights at Home

Fat Loss Workout Routine Without Weights at Home
These days, there are a lot of home workout routines out there. It's difficult to know which one too choose! Let me share with you a bodyweight routine that has worked for me in the past. Try it out and see if it works for you:
Perform 10 rounds of: 

Quad Hop, 30 seconds
Push Up, 30 seconds
Frogger, 30 seconds
This workouts lasts just 15 minutes. You're performing 3 different exercises for 30 seconds each. Move through each exercise one after the other without rest, and perform 10 total rounds. The first exercise is a quad hop. The quad hops is next level up from a regular quad squat.

To perform a quad hop, start off in kneeling position, and bring your butt as close to you heels as possible. Place your hands on the floor and lean forward until your back is parallel to the floor. Your knees and elbows should be slightly splayed out at around a 45 degree angle.

Stretch your spine and tighten your abs. Drop your body towards the ground by bending with your elbows and knees at the same time. Its almost like doing a push up, except for the fact that your knees are bent and feet are closer to your body. Drop your body as low as it can go, then push back up explosively so that you catch air.

When your body drops back down, make sure that you don't "stop" yourself with your wrists. Maintain the momentum, and go straight into the next repetition. This movement is almost like a combination of aplyometric pushup and squat jump. It takes time to get used to the movement.

If you are unable to do the quad hop, then just do the quad squat. The quad squat is just the quad hop without the hop at the end. To perform the second exercise, straighten your knees out, and just perform a regular pushup. The one thing I love about this routine is the transition between the exercises.

Waste no time moving from one exercise to the next. After the pushup, stay in pushup position to transition into the frogger. Drop your hips to the ground while keep your upper body and hands straight. Your knees should be touching the floor and you should feel a stretch in your lower back.

Exhale and reverse the movement, leading with your hips. Press your butt towards the sky so that your legs and hands are straight. Your body should look like an upside down "V". Relax, and return back to the starting position, with your hips and knees on the floor.