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Bodybuilding Workout Routines - A Beginner's Guide

Bodybuilding Workout Routines - A Beginner's Guide
As a newcomer to bodybuilding, you can often feel overwhelmed by the books, DVD's and countless guides available. So where do you start? The first thing you should do, before attempting any strenuous exercise, is consult your doctor. The chances are that he will be happy that you are embarking on an exercise program. It's a good idea to show him an example of your bodybuilding workout routine so that he knows exactly what you'll be doing.
Bodybuilding consists of progressive resistance exercises which, typically, involve free weights such as barbells and dumbbells., to build muscle and strength. The good thing about using free weights is that your lifting can be tailored to your existing strength levels. Weights come in discs as small as 1¼ pounds to 50 pounds. Power lifters have even heavier discs, but the novice need not bother himself with this.
Now that you've decided to embark on your training regime you need to think about safety. Your lifting will be tailored to your strength levels and therefore will be very safe (as long as you don't try to overdo it). That said, however, it is always advisable to train with a partner so he can spot for you.
You should always complete a thorough warm up before you exercise. A good warm up will lessen the chances of injury. When beginning an exercise you should begin with a moderate weight and high repetitions. 
So if you normally bench 150 pounds for three sets of ten then you should warm up with 75 pounds for one set of 20 reps. In addition to warming up before each different exercise you should also stretch and warm up your circulatory system by doing skipping or running on the spot. A good warm up cannot be emphasized enough.

Some Fitness Ab Workout Facts

Some Fitness Ab Workout Facts
The success in getting or even developing perfect abs really depends on your ability to combine a good healthy diet with a fitness ab workout. Most people do either one or the other, but when combined, the results are a lot faster.
People who follow a strict workout routine exercise daily and are careful about their diet. If asked, they will tell you that their daily dietary intake contains lots of proteins, carbohydrates, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, water and little or no fat. They tend to use Olive oil instead of ordinary fats and they always try avoiding saturated fats altogether.
There is no reason why you should join a gym in order to exercise. You can stay at home and do these simple yet powerful exercises in the comfort of your home. Obviously, you must always remember to relax the rest of your body whilst concentrating the workout on the appropriate group of muscles. Remember if it starts hurting and really uncomfortable, you should STOP. Results will not come overnight and you may ache in the early days, but with patience and determination, there is no reason why you should not notice the benefits of working out.
If you want target a specific area, you should concentrate on doing exercises for that part of the body. For example, if you want a flat stomach, then you should do exercises designed to work the lower abs and do these regularly. Here is a good exercise that will work for both your upper and lower abs, and is the 'Full Reverse Crunch'.
The exercise goes like this -

1. Lie on your back.

2. Extend your legs up toward the ceiling.

3. At the same time, press your heels toward the ceiling. You should be creating a "u" shape with your torso.

4. Lower your body down.

5. Repeat this exercise for a minimum of 10 reps and maximum of 16.

What Is the Best Workout Routine?

What Is the Best Workout Routine?
For best workout routine results it takes as long as 4 days unless you are wanting to target certain muscle that lacks. Then you can throw an extra day on it.
You can put your workout days in any order you would like. I just have mine in this order because I like to get my harder workouts done in the beginning of the week that way when you start to wear down a little towards the end of the week you only have your easier workouts left.
One thing that anybody with fitness experience will tell you, is that you will not always have energy. There will be plenty of days that you will want to talk yourself out of working out. My best advice is for you to go to your nearest Vitamin Shoppe or Smoothie Factory close by and go ahead and get your pre workout drink. You will learn to keep this close by your weekly workout routines.

Level- Beginner to Advanced

Approx. workout time- 30 mins to 1 1/2 hours.

Days a week- 4 to 5

Always start with your warm ups and stretches... There's nothing worse than sitting at home with a pulled or strained muscle because you didn't warm up properly. Not only that but its mentally draining to sit at home watching weeks of your workout program go to waste. Grab about 1/4 to a 1/3 of the weight that you will start your workout with. Perform a couple sets of hammer curls or cable curls, 15 to 20 reps to get the blood flowing and the muscles warmed up. If you need a little boost, I find that a mp3 player or i pod definitely does the trick. With the right workout music you can bring a little extra push and effort with your routine.
Type of Workout

Fat Shred and Tone Up 
20, 18, 15 Rep-Count 
20 secs to none at all Rest Between Sets 
1 1/2 to 2 mins Rest Between Exercises

Muscle Gain 
12, 10, 8 Rep-Count 
45 secs to 90 secs Rest Between Sets 
2 to 3 mins Rest Between Exercises
Strength Gain 
6, 4, 2 Rep-Count 
1 to 2 min Rest Between Sets 
2 to 4 mins Rest Between Exercises

*3 sets of each exercise listed below except cardio and abs


Legs, Calves, Cardio:

-Lunges 3X Sets

-Leg Press or Squats

-Leg Extensions

-Leg Curls

-15-30 Min. of Cardio- Treadmills, elliptical, bicycle

-4 to 6 sets of calves on the calf machine 10 to 15 reps


Chest, Triceps, Abs:

-Flat Bench Press

-Dumbbell Incline Bench Press

-Dumbbell Decline Bench Press

-Dumbbell Flyes or Peck Deck

-Cable Tricep Pushdowns

-Tricep Dips

-Skull Crushers Abs 6X Sets of 20 or more reps

-Decline Bench Crunches 2X sets

-Medicine ball Sit Ups 2X sets

-Hanging Knee Raises 2X sets


Back and Biceps:

-Lat Pulldowns

-Seated Row

-Bent Over Reverse Dumbbell Flyes

-Preacher Curls

-Hammer Curls

-Reverse Curl


Shoulders, Traps, Abs:

-Shoulder Press

-Front Raises

-Lateral Raises

Just stick with your workout plan and make it fun. There's no secret workouts you can do. It all depends on the details of how your doing it. These are the most effective workout routines for men or women. For a more detailed ab workout routine click the link below. If you can ever see your first set of results it will become so addicting you'll find yourself setting your schedule around your workout routine instead of trying to find time in your schedule to workout.
Remember, working out is only half the work needed to build the body you want. A very important factor for the best workout routine is your daily intake and post workout meal. Its like driving your race car week after week in races and never changing the oil. It can be done without it but it will eventually catch up to you with slow results or cause your improvement to plateau. Your post workout meal is what will feed your muscles which speed up the fat burning process. It gives you much more energy to push your drive to get back in the gym the next day and be 100% ready.

Stick with this for several weeks and it will quickly become your best workout routine, but remember to change your routine every 4 to 6 weeks to keep your muscles confused.

Best Workout Routine For Everyone

Best Workout Routine For Everyone

Have you ever wanted to get in a good workout but just couldn't come up with the right workout routine. Sometimes you have all the time in the world to do a workout and other times you have no time but all the desire in the world. 
It is difficult in this day and age to find the time to get in a workout, but harder yet to get the best workout possible. Do you lift weights or do a cardiovascular workout? Should you do upper body weight lifting or lower body? Yoga? Etc.... I find that a good circuit training routine that gets the heart pumping with a goodmuscle burn will provide you with the best of both worlds.
The first thing to think about for the best workout would be to know your time frame and understand that you have a finite period of time to do the workout. In that time frame you need to focus on your workout and nothing else. Try not to watch TV or read a book during your workout. This will only distract you from focusing on your workout routine. The following workout will only take about 30 minutes to perform but should provide you with a workout that will be very taxing.
To get started do a quick warm up routine to get the blood flowing to the muscles. Then do a good stretching routine to prepare your muscles for the workout, especially your back and hamstrings. Now it is time to workout. I prefer to do the big compound muscle movements first so your other muscles will have to work harder when you single them out for their respective exercise. For example, doing push-ups utilizes not only the chest but also the biceps and triceps. Therefore, once you do push-ups and move onto the bicep and tricep workout your biceps and triceps will have to work harder because they have already done a set and will be tired.

This is the workout that I recommend and in the following order of exercises.

Chin Ups or dumbbell rowes

Dumbbell Lunges

Bicep Curls

Tricep Extensions

Front and Side Shoulder Raises

Calf Raises

All of the exercises are maximum reps and you should start with the first exercise and work your way down the list without a break between sets until the end. Then take a minute or two break and get some water and repeat at least two more times.
After the workout don't forget to drink a protein shake as that will help repair the muscles and allow them to heal so they can adapt and grow. When the muscles grow they burn extra calories so treat them well by feeding them well.

If you do this workout at least three times per week you will understand why this is the best workout routine ever. It is a fast paced routine that will provide a cardiovascular benefit and you will be toning muscles in the process. Happy workouts!!

Best Weight Loss and Fitness Home Workout Programs

Best Weight Loss and Fitness Home Workout Programs
There are so many options when it comes to fitness home workout programs everyone is sure to find one that helps them with weight loss. Finding the best weight loss and fitness home workout programs starts with you. You want a program that gives you results, keeps you motivated and is convenient.
Starting a fitness home workout program is convenient because you determine everything. You determine when you will work out, for how long and for how many days. 

You even get to choose what program you will use. These systems might be DVD programs with an instructor that directs you through exercises including Pilates, aerobics or kickboxing.
 Others might decide to go at it alone by working out on home fitness machines they have available. They might spend an hour on a stationary bike or 30 minutes on the stair stepper. 
Another option is a personal trainer. This is someone who comes into the home and creates personalized fitness programs. You'll get everything you need with a personal approach from nutrition to motivation.
The best weight loss and fitness home workout programs might vary in approach and effort, but the results are what are important. That means each program needs to have the basics. Start with a healthy diet. 
Then when you exercise get your heart beating at a healthy workout rate and work out the entire body. Make sure the program keeps you motivated along with providing a variety of exercise to keep the process interesting. You should increase your metabolism and feel more energetic as well.
If you can stay motivated on your own or with a friend then you might not need the fitness trainer or DVD to keep you moving. Some need an extra boost to encourage them to continue a workout or come back for the next work out.

The Benefits of a Full Female Workout Program

The Benefits of a Full Female Workout Program
In order for any aspiring bodybuilder to make it, she should have a good female workout program that incorporates everything needed to tone her body. This program should not only be complete, it should be well-balanced and tailor-made for a woman's body type and what she want to accomplish too.
Bodybuilding exercises are based on two main workout categories: cardiovascular and weight or strength training. Some say that cardio does the job better while others say that a female workout program based on strength training is the most effective. 

The reality of the matter is that the type of workout you do depends on what you want your body to look like and what goals you want to achieve. While both cardio and strength training are important parts of muscle building, there are instances wherein one will favor the other to get results. Here's a simplified breakdown to help women bodybuilders out there.
The Benefits of Cardio
Stress Relief -When it comes to breaking free from stress, scientific data has proven cardio workouts to be the winner. A female workout program that includes playing tennis or other similar aerobic activities has been known to reduce stress and clear the head, according to a 2005 article in the European Journal of Sports Science. Cardio training for 15 minutes at least 2-3 times a week significantly relieves people of anxiety and doing this for up to 5 times a week reduces fatigue by almost 50%. Dr. Madhukar Trivedi of the University of Texas 
Southwestern Medical Center - Mood Disorders Research Program and Clinic says that doing cardio increases the seratonin in the brain which is one of the neurotransmitters responsible for curing depression. So when stressed, go swimming.

Longevity - The director of the Human Performance Research Laboratory at West Texas A&M University, Dr. Mike Meyers has stated that cardio is one of the best ways to add years to your life. Doing cardio reduces the risk for so many different diseases: obesity, heart problems, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, stroke and some types of cancer. This is primarily because cardio in a female workout program strengthens you heart, allowing it to pump more blood which in turn makes oxygen circulation in your body better. This likewise releases the good cholesterol in your bloodstream by as much as 8% in 8 weeks, says a 2007 study in the Journal of Internal Medicine.
The Benefits of Strength Training
Burning Fat- Doing weight training exercises such as lifting weights gives your body a heightened increase in metabolism up to an hour after working out as your muscles attempt to recover. This means that aside from the calories you've lost while training, you get to lose another 25%. 
If you lift heavier weights with less than 30 seconds of rest in between sets, you can burn off even more. Dr. Wayne Westcott, the director of research at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Massachusetts put it bluntly, "So if you burned 200 calories lifting weights, it's really close to 250 overall... for every 3 pounds of muscle you build, you'll burn an extra 120 calories a day - just vegging - because muscle takes more energy to sustain."
Building Confidence- If you think you look good immediately after a workout, it's not just your vanity talking. A 2006 research by the McMaster University in Ontario showed that women subjects made significant improvements influenced by the physical results they saw. Right after a heavy workout, blood rushes to your muscles, making them swell thus making you look fitter. 
In addition, the feeling of having conquered some serious poundage is bound to boost anyone's confidence level. If you want to feel even better about yourself, keep a log of how much you've progressed in terms of how many reps and sets you've been doing and how much weight you've been carrying so you can look back and feel a sense of pride at what you've accomplished. 
All this can be done with the right female workout program, and of course, with the proper attitude and great advice from professionals and others in the bodybuilding world!
Linda S Barker takes pride in all the women she has helped achieved their dream physique by giving them a firm foundation of what is required in the workout programs, their diet and their mentality. Her mission is to bring fresh and up to date information about how all the things one needs to get them closer to the results they want to achieve.