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Exercise With an Ab Workout Routine

Exercise With an Ab Workout Routine
Regardless of your gender or age, to have a flat stomach or even well defined abs would be great. For most women, it can be said that they want to look good in their clothes and having a flat stomach can be very important.
 There are many different roads you can go down in order to achieve this, but you will have to do some sort of workout. One of the best approaches that you can adopt, would be to choose and use a good ab workout routine. A routine that will really work your muscles, and give you the desired effect.
There is a right and a wrong way of doing any exercise - you either work your muscles or not! This a common mistake made by most people when working out.
 In order to get the most out of any exercise, you must concentrate on working the right set of muscles. The same rule should apply to your routine if you want a flat stomach or to develop your abs.
Obviously, you start off at a steady pace and work towards really intensifying your routines. By staying at the same pace, you will not really see any benefits. For example, if you start off by speed walking, then you should move on to something more energetic, like jogging after a week or two.
The best exercise to really work your abs is doing the crunches. Initially, you can start off by doing the simple form of the crunch. When you feel that your confidently working your upper and lower abdominal muscles, you should then progress to doing some of the more complicated crunch exercises.
A way of finding out if you are doing the exercises correctly, is by placing your hand on your abs as you slowly perform the exercise. You should be able to feel your abs muscles being worked.
 You should then be able to learn how to target those particular muscles, as your go through your abs workout.
 Remembering to avoid these simple mistakes with your own abs workout routine, you will be on the road to working and developing your muscles and achieving what you initially set out to do.For more information about ab workouts, click the link below.

Choosing the Best Workout Routine

Choosing the Best Workout Routine
Does your workout leave you covered in sweat and swaddled in layers of fat? Unfortunately, even if you work out on a daily basis, doing the wrong exercises will produce few, if any results.
 If you want to reach a certain goal, you may need to stop the program that you are using, and learn more about the best workout routine available.
Today, many people are learning that the Max Workouts are useful for achieving a number of fitness goals. 
This includes breaking through plateaus, as well as providing a sound basis for long term health maintenance. While this program offers plenty of weight lifting and abdominal exercises, it is also ideal for developing overall physical fitness.
When searching for the best workout routine, it is important to find one that you can commit to. For example, you may feel that you will enjoy one program, but already know that it will take too much time from your schedule.
 Fortunately, you will find that the Max Workouts include a number of refreshing exercises that will ensure your muscles develop in a way that is attractive and safe. At the same time, this workout is over fifty percent shorter than others.
Each day, thousands of people give up on their exercise routines because they can no longer afford gym fees, or the cost of new equipment and video tapes.
 On the other hand, if you have a good set of weights, you will have everything you need to make use of the Max Workouts. Chances are, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish with a few exercises that target specific muscles and groups of muscles. 
Why go on with an exercise routine that leaves you feeling flabby and unhappy? Today you can start enjoying a lean, powerful body without all that wasted effort.

Winning Workout Routines For Toning - 7 Tips

Winning Workout Routines For Toning - 7 Tips
The reasons people choose to commit to a workout routine are many. Typically, men and women are interested in one of the following:
* building up their muscles to look bigger, buffer and stronger 
* slimming down for improved health and attractiveness 
* improving their core body strength for better overall health and resistance to injury 
* toning their body to attain that healthy glow
Of course, each of these goals calls for a different type of workout routine. If you are looking for a winning workout routines for toning, follow these 7 tips:
1. For free weight lifting, focus on repetition, not heavy weights:
Train with free weights as part of your muscle-toning routine. But how much weight should you be lifting? For bodybuilders looking to win a muscle competition or kick sand into the face of nerds at the beach with impunity, lifting very heavy weights should be the goal. That's because heavy weights build mass. However, because toning is your goal, you should be using lighter weights with high repetition.
2. Strengthen your abs with isometrics:
For an all-around more toned look, you need to really hit your abs hard. You should be working on your abs at least 3-4 times per week. Of course, sit-ups are a great start. And, if you have access to a gym, ab machines and leg extensions can also help you build your abs. However, these exercises can also be hard on your spine. For a safe, effective alternative, try isometric exercises. Isometrics simply means resistance training without actually moving your body. Isometrics can increase strength and tone without building significant muscle mass.
3. Blast your obliques:
If you ask people, "What makes someone look great in a bathing suit," usually "great abs" is the first response you get. But, it is easy to ignore the effect that great obliques (the muscles to the left and right of your abs) can have on your overall look. Firm obliques can actually make your abs look better. And, as a bonus, they can actually protect your spine from injury and stabilize your body. So, how do you get great obliques? Isometrics (see above) can help you here, too.
4. Employ compound exercises:
Your winning workout routine for toning should also include a generous dose of compound exercises. These are simply any exercises that include 2 or more joint movements. Compound exercises help with toning because they involve more muscles at once and therefore build more muscle mass. Examples of compound exercises include the squat, dead lift, chin ups, dips, bench press, barbell press, and lunges.
5. Remember to train your lower body:
You may not know it, but 60-70% of your musculature is in your lower body. While it may feel more important to focus mainly on your upper body during your workouts, focusing on your lower half helps contributes to your whole body's muscle mass gain - and therefore your toning process. When you work your lower body, you produce more muscle growth hormone, which will help you look more tone all over.
6. If have lost more than 50 pounds, you may want to condition your skin.People who have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time may notice their skin does not look at tight as it used to. While your workouts will help focus your muscles into a tighter, better-defined shape - they will not help your skin regain its youthful look. The answer? Try a skin toning solution from your favorite cosmetics provider. Over time, this can help complete the toned look you are going for.
7. Make the right food choices:
Don't neglect your food choices when putting together your winning toning workout. You won't make nearly as much headway by following super-intense workout schedule if meanwhile you are eating junk food or just playing it "business as usual" in terms of your eating habits. Take the time to put together the right eating regime by talking to a nutritionist first - and then following their advice. Just this step alone will contribute heavily toward that tone body you are looking for.

Why a Circuit Workout Routine Is Better Than Cardio

Why a Circuit Workout Routine Is Better Than Cardio
Very often there are those who have never exercised or have been sedentary for a long time. Some have tried many forms of steady state cardio; walking or jogging, elliptical trainers, treadmills, exercise bikes and treadmills.
 These people have either experienced marginal results, quit because they were discouraged or bored, or in the case of the complete novice, haven't the foggiest idea where to start. After years of success in the military and sports teams, a tried and true method of fast weight loss and muscle building is reaching the mainstream. 
Circuit workout routines are a fantastic way to keep your workout routines lively while inducing fast weight loss. Since you have to move to exercises rapidly in sequence, your mind is on what exercise is next and how many reps do I do?
Not only does circuit training burn 30 per cent more calories than weight lifting, eliminating rest time gives you all the benefits of cardio without the dangers of overuse injuries.
With circuit training you can burn fat and build muscle simultaneously.
How to Perform a Circuit

A circuit workout routine is simply a series of of resistance and cardio exercises, with or without weights (usually dumbbells). The exercises are performed with 30 seconds to no rest period between exercises. When I use them for myself and when I condition my high school soccer players, there is no rest to maximize the cardio effect.
Designing the Right Workout Routine
Now it's time for you to design your own workout routine. This will depend on several things. Do you have a specific weight loss goal? Are you looking to develop a specific body type? Are you training for a particular sport. I will give you a few examples.
 I am a soccer player and coach so I have a lot of lunges, kicks, step ups, and burpees in my circuits be cause I want leg strength for myself and my players. I also want them to able to leave their feet. If you are looking for extra upper body strength you may want to include chest presses and overhead presses with dumbbells, as well as some pullups and dips. If you want a nice slim athletic build, you may want to go with a bodyweight circuit without weights.
Anyway you slice it, circuit training, with or without weights, with minimum or no weights is ideal for fast weight loss and building muscle. Here's a circuit to get you started.
Bodyweight Rows X 25 reps 
Squats x 25 reps 
Push Ups x 25 reps 
Step Jumps x 25 reps 
Grasshoppers x 25 reps total 
Dips x 25 reps 
Perform 2 rounds

Why You Should Change Your Workout Routine

Why You Should Change Your Workout Routine
Is your workout routine getting stale and boring? Are you dreading going to the gym? If this is the case then you probably need to change your workout routine.
We all have our exercise habits. We warm up for 10 minutes before we workout. We then go to our stepping class or aerobics class for 60 minutes. After we complete our class maybe we cool down by using an elliptical for another 10 minutes. It is sort of like rinse, cycle and repeat. The workout becomes boring and we decide not to go because we are bored.
If I just described your workout then you probably need to change your fitness program. Many people are accustomed to doing the same fitness program day in and day out. We enjoy the stability of workout. Besides we do not like change because change can be difficult.
Change Fitness Plan Today
Change your fitness plan today by doing the opposite of what you currently do each day. Workout on your own if you usually go to a stepping or biking class each day. Maybe lift weights or run around the track instead of attending a class.
Now if you currently lift weights the obvious choice would be to join a class for a week or two. The idea is to change your routine. By changing your fitness program you will regain your enthusiasm for the old fitness program. Another benefit is you have added a new workout you can use occasionally.
Do You Like to Eat Same Food Everyday
The #1 reason why I change my fitness program has to do with eating. Do I like to eat steak? Yes. Would I get bored of steak if I ate it everyday? Yes. Well the same thing goes for your fitness program. Too much of a favorite food is the same as using the same fitness program everyday. After a certain amount of time we will not like the sight of steak or our fitness program.
Make the decision today to do a completely different exercise routine. By making the change you will notice increased stamina and energy from doing something completely different. It is funny because I will see women and men at the gym riding the bike or using and elliptical machine for the same 30 to 60 minutes day in and day out.
I want to smack them upside the head and ask them why they keep doing the exact same workout everyday. They look bored and tired. Some even look as if they are putting in time in jail. They methodically workout for their time and get off machine and then head home. How fun can that be?
Action Item: Go lift weights if you never lifted weights. If you always lift weights go run around the track or join a class. Try something you never did before. If you do not like the new fitness program then go back to your old fitness program. Remember we can change our workout routine anytime we want.

Outside Workout Routines

Outside Workout Routines
If you feel like you're feeling very tired of being cooped up in the gym day after day after day, it might be time to consider taking your workouts outdoors. 
Outside workout routines can offer the same degree of benefits as a workout you'd do inside but give you the change of pace that you crave. Plus, since you'll have far more room in the outdoor setting to exercise, your choices of activities is greater as well.
Let's take a quick look at a few of the top modes of exercise for you to consider adding to your outside workout routines.
Uphill Sprints
The first great workout to do outside is uphill sprints. Sprinting uphill is a perfect way to boost your cardiovascular fitness level and will also challenge your lower body strength as well. Sprint up a nearby hill as fast as you can and then turn around and walk back down again. Once finished, stop and repeat the process another six to ten times.
Next up we have bootcamp. Bootcamps are hot right now because of the fact that they're going to provide both a cardiovascular workout as well as a strength workout in one. If you dislike long cardio sessions, this is the perfect route for you to go. Boot camps also utilize a group atmosphere, so for those social butterflies out there, this is a great option to have fun, get fit, and meet new people all at the same time. Bootcamps are also a cost effective way to get in shape if you do want to be working with a personal trainer.
A third activity on the list to considr for your outside workout routines is rollerblading. Rollerblading is going to help to work all the main muscles in the lower body and will boost your aerobic fitness as well. Rollerblade along some scenic trails in your neighborhood and you'll have a workout that de-stresses you and energizes you at the same time.
Park Strength Training
Finally, the last workout to consider is a park strength training. Parks offer numerous options to perform different strength based moves as you get fit. Perform pull-ups, hanging leg raises, push-ups, pike holds, lunges, squats, and burpees all while in the park setting. 
This is a great way to boost your muscle strength using bodyweight activities and stimulate the muscles in a way that is totally different from what you'd do in the gym.
So consider these four options as you come up with outside workout routines to do as you progress through your workout program. Getting outside can just be the perfect way to keep yourself motivated.