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Personal Training - Spot the Fad Diet

Personal Training - Spot the Fad Diet
There are endless diets being released constantly and they all claim to be the holy grail of weight loss and body transformation. I am pretty casual and don't mind these as long as they are sound, because not one diet or particular eating style will suit all people. That's just unrealistic. But how can the non-dietician and non-nutritionist separate the bad from the good, well, there are few things to look out for. If you don't, you just may get less than sub-optimal results from your personal training regime.
Lifestyle Is the diet in question a realistic way to live your life for the long-term (not that not all are die-hard health nuts)? For example, if you are required to have meal replacements for most or all of your meals - is that something that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life? If it isn't, don't do it. 
You may lose some weight, but you also run the risk of malnourishment and once the diet is over you are likely to go back to your old habits and gain the weight back. So what did we learn? Nothing.
Malnourishment Is the diet getting you enough vitamins, minerals and fibre? Does it even mention it? Is it a one-size-fits-all or can it be customised? One energy requirement is seldom enough to cater for all different shapes, sizes and goals. But if it gives clear instructions on how to modify it, then it's okay in my books.
Education Do the creators explain their reasoning behind their choices and do they educate you on how to style your eating for the long-term, once your weight loss goal is achieved?
 Like with the lifestyle paragraph, if you don't know what to do once you lost your weight, other than follow the same plan for the rest of your life, chances are you'll fall back into old habits and put stack the kilos back on again. 
And doing so can be extremely discouraging and damaging your self-confidence and self-image, so do everything you can to avoid it.
That I'd say are the most important things to look out for and if they all check out and there are no huge question marks that worry you, go right ahead and try it. 
Remember that "diet" simply means "what you eat", and has nothing to do with restrictions or limitations. It is not an ugly word, but it's definitely overused by us fitness nerds.

Personal Training Business - Don't Go Chasing Trends

Personal Training Business - Don't Go Chasing Trends
As the owner of a Personal Training business you can sometimes lose focus on your Point Of Difference and go chasing the latest trends. Fitness trends will come and go and some might stick, the good business owners will embrace some, and leave others for the amateurs. Chasing trends can take up your TIME and MONEY and distract you from finishing your commitment to your original business plan.
Always remember what you first set out to achieve. If you wanted to specialise in 1-on-1 Personal Training then do you need to be worried about not offering a CrossFit service?
Most of the successful business owners in the industry are successful because they know their market, know their product and don't spread themselves too thin trying to offer everything! Therefore, within their local community they are more likely to become the EXPERT in their field, rather than the person who is trying to offer it all. It's like the old saying "Jack of all trades... Master of none!"
When new trends or fads enter the market they need to be investigated but before jumping on board some questions need to be answered!
Will my target market benefit from this new service?
Will this bring in new business?
Will it affect my existing clientele?
How much will it cost to implement?
Will it compliment the services I already offer?
Do we already offer a service that gets the same results?
Will not offering this new service affect my business?
Will this trend stick, or will is be gone in 6 months?
Do I really need to diversify?
By answering these questions you can possibly prevent yourself from spending MONEY and TIME on something that really doesn't help your business, rather it distracts from what is your staple service. Doing the latest course, reading the latest trends in the magazines, and buying into what the media are promoting can be dangerous as you never get to settle your service. You never get to be known for a service, instead you constantly chop and change, and as a result your clients get confused.
Now, this blog post is definitely not saying that taking on a new service in your business is a bad idea, it has been known that adding an extra string to your bow can boost your business. However, tread carefully and always remember trying to take every shortcut to success can sometimes find you lost and directionless!
Travis Beckley from PT Business Systems.
PT Business Systems has been created to assist new and existing Personal Trainers build profitable businesses based on proven information and systems.
With over 17 years of experience in the Fitness Industry owning and operating Personal Training studios we have decided to share our experience and successful business systems online.

Components That Make a Personal Training Program Effective

Components That Make a Personal Training Program Effective
A basic personal training program should contain at least 5 essential components:
1. Corrective Exercises: Basically this component of a fitness program addresses your posture and how your body moves. I have helped many people look taller, leaner, and healthier by merely helping them to improve their posture and how they hold/move their body. By not focusing on the muscles commonly called your "Mirror Muscles", the muscles like the Pectorals, Abdominals, Biceps, and giving some attention to strengthen and move the muscles of the Spine, Hips, Neck, and Hamstrings. This shift in training focus can help resolve many postural issues. Better posture will lead to better function.
2. Resistance Training: This component of a personal training program may include traditional strength training techniques to specific functional training techniques. The Goal is to increase lean muscle tissue. Your body burns more calories with more lean muscle tissue, period. So we need to put stress on your muscles to stimulate the muscle growth and tone. Unfortunately, many personal trainers, good and bad, focus way too much time traditional strength training techniques. Which will truly limit the effectiveness and quality of results. Though an individual may get stronger, they may not lose weight, improve flexibility, and/ or improve cardio-respiratory health. Be sure that your fitness program is not focusing solely on ONLY resistance training.
3. Aerobic Training: "Cardio", this component you, as the personal training client, should do daily. Many sources recommend at least 30 minutes daily. I as a personal trainer of 13 years wholeheartedly agree that no matter what your fitness goal or ability is you must incorporate the time for aerobic training. That time can consist of anywhere from 30-60 minutes of some type of aerobic activity (running, swimming, boxing, cycling, etc.)
4. Stretching/Flexibility Training: This component is crucial to not only prevent injury but also this will help to give your body the "Shape" you want. During most of my personal training sessions I will put a client through a dynamic and/or a functional stretching routine at the beginning then an assisted stretching program at the end.
5. Nutrition and Water Intake: (How Much are you eating/drinking, How well is your eating, when do you eat, etc.) Your personal trainer and you should address the areas with your eating that need improvement. We,as personal trainers, will figure out what food you currently have (if any) that is good and what is not, then what to shop for to compliment the other components of your fitness program.
These 5 components are Essential to any fitness program and they are even more effective with the addition of a 6th component.
6. Professional Assistance from a Personal Trainer: The fitness program must evolve as your body changes and adapt to the other 5 components of our personal training program. We will not let our workout sessions with me or on your own get "easy" or "boring". We will always modify the various components to give you the best workouts and eating plan possible.
Your Fitness Program must be comprehensive and cover all of the components listed above. Otherwise the result and subsequently the fitness level you want, will not be completely or easily achieved.
Contact Andrew Fodge for more information about the Personal Training Programs of Fitness By Andrew LLC serving Old Town and North Scottsdale, AZ. My Personal Trainer Team provides the following services: Fitness and Weight Loss Intensive Programs, Functional Training, Golf Conditioning and Athletic Development.

Places to Go, See, and Get Pembroke Pines Personal Training

Places to Go, See, and Get Pembroke Pines Personal Training
If you're traveling down Interstate 95, towards the southern most part of Broward County you'll probably see a busy city filled with progressive people. Pembroke Pines is the second most populous city in Broward County and has been voted one of America's best cities to live. For years, the city has been a bit overshadowed due to its close proximity to Hollywood Florida but this recently changed as a result of Hurricane Andrew in 1992.
Around this time, many of the residents fled Miami Dade County because of the storm and took up residence in the city of Pembroke Pines. 
Because of this, the area became one of the fastest growing cities in 1999 and as a result of its growth many commercial and retail outlets were erected to accommodate the booming population increase. What the city did not plan on was the need for fitness facilities and Pembroke Pines Personal Training.
The main road is called Pines Boulevard. Pines Boulevard is home to Café Iguana, which is a local hot spot offering dinner and dancing for the sophisticated crowd. There are two well-known fitness facilities located across the street from this popular venue. These popular gyms offer amenities such as:
Basketball Courts
Hot tubs and saunas
Because this growing city is just a stone's throw away from Hollywood Florida, it makes it one of the most convenient places to live for fitness enthusiasts. If you head down University Drive, you'll gain access to different cities such as Davie and Plantation.
 Davie boasts several gyms and fitness outlets as you pass over Griffin and Stirling Roads. This might be better suited for those who work in these areas and want to indulge in a workout right after work and not fight the South Florida traffic.
If you're set on working out in Pembroke Pines, try some of the local parks like Brian Piccolo. On any given day you'll see many people enjoying a park like this one and some even offer pullup bars and other exercise equipment.
 It's not uncommon to catch a fitness trainer and client at one of the parks and get a glimpse of a Pembroke Pines personal training session in progress. So... what are you waiting for to get started?
 If you're set on working out in Pembroke Pines, try some of the local parks like Brian Piccolo. So... what are you waiting for to get started.