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Easy Gym Workouts for the Unmotivated

Easy Gym Workouts for the Unmotivated
If you are overweight and have gotten to the point where you're ready to hit the gym to start shedding more weight and gaining more muscle, there are many workouts you can do to help ease you back into the gym scene. Before getting into the specifics of these exercise and workout programs, you must know the basics of what not to do when it comes to exercising.
Common Mistakes Made When Exercising at the Gym: Cardio
So many people who want to lose weight and feel that the gym is the best place to do this could potentially run into some roadblocks. For those beginner gym goers, they may be exercising incorrectly and not realizing it. If you're not informed of what NOT to do you will never see results and you could do more harm than good.
1. Slouching on gym equipment is not going to maximize your cardio workout. Don't lean forward, lean back, or hang on with an extremely tight grip. This causes your back to round out. When you do this to your spine it doesn't allow for much support. If one of your goals is to strengthen your core muscles this isn't going to help. You need to engage your core by sitting or standing straight to optimize your results.
2. Don't hold on to any type of cardio equipment too tightly. This contributes to slouching and allows you to "cheat." It restricts your arms from moving hence restricting you to burn a lot of calories. If you don't feel comfortable with the gym equipment without gripping onto it tightly, a great alternative is to lightly rest your fingers on the bar. As you gain confidence and get more familiar with the equipment, start dropping a few fingers off the bar or even your entire hand. By letting your arm swing freely, you will increase your heart rate and will be able to burn more calories comfortably and confidently.
3. Using gym equipment to catch up on your reading is a big no-no. If you are on the bike, elliptical or treadmill and you're reading rather than focusing on your workout then you're probably not getting a workout. Save the reading for home and the gym for burning off that fat! Don't just go through the motions; leave the book at home and focus on your body, your intensity level and your breathing.
4. Never walk with weights. While this appears to be a good idea it actually limits your workout by compromising your stride. By adding weights to your hands, wrists or ankles you are essentially forcing your body to move in a more exaggerated manner. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you lean too far back or forward you will add unnecessary stress on your ankles, quadriceps, shoulders, shins, and your lower back. For the best results keep your strength training and cardio separate.
5. A common misconception is that only doing cardio exercises you will still achieve amazing results. While cardio is a must in any successful workout regimen, you will need strength training to rebuild the muscle you began losing at the age of 30. This will increase your metabolism which in turn burns more calories. Adding formal strength training to your workout routine 2 to 3 times per week separate from cardio will allow you see amazing results more quickly.
6. You are paying to go to the gym to exercise, not socialize. If you have the energy to catch up with your friends at the gym while doing cardio either face-to-face or in person you are not allowing yourself to get into a good target heart rate zone. By talking and holding onto hand grips too tightly, your chances of reaching that target heart rate zone are slim and won't be beneficial at all to your weight loss goals. A good thing to remember is do your gym cardio as you would if you were jogging, walking, running, or cycling outside.
Common Mistakes Made When Exercising at the Gym: Weight Lifting
The goal of a personal trainer is to help their clients get the best results. Just as with cardio, there are many errors that you can make when starting your strength training, especially if you're a beginner and you're not familiar with how to use weights properly. The following list includes what NOT to do when doing weight lifting exercises.
1. Don't ever copy another client or trainer's moves. Trainers will develop a training plan based upon the client's goals, pre-existing injuries and/or time. If a trainer is doing a specific move they are basing that move on what their client's goals are and what they are capable of. Even though utilizing personal trainers are the best choice in getting your desired results, don't do any exercises without knowing the correct technique and form or you could cause yourself to get injured.
2. Check the weights on a machine that a trainer just used. Don't just take on the same amount of weights that the trainer used as it may be too much or too little for you to handle. If you are jumping on a machine after a trainer, make sure you change the weights to the appropriate amount that matches your goals and capabilities.
3. To get the best results, increase lean muscle, burn more calories, and decreasing body fat, lifting weights is a must. Knowing the appropriate amount of weight you should life is crucial. If you're lifting weights that are too light, you won't achieve the results you want; if you're lifting weights that are too heavy, you risk getting injured. Women are more likely to lift weights that are too light thinking that, if they lift heavier weights, they will bulk up. Men on the other hand are more likely to lift heavier weights to get that bulk only to realize they are straining themselves by doing this. A good thing to remember is to lift weights that are comfortable using for 10 to 12 reps.
4. Hanging out on weight lifting equipment is a BIG no-no. Not only are you taking time away from other clients, you are wasting your own time that could be used working on another machine. Complete your set, briefly stretch and then move on to another machine.
5. Don't ever drop weights. Weights can tend to feel heavy while you're doing a hard weight lifting workout. Not only could you leave floor damage but you will need to pick them up again and either use them or put them back in their proper place. An important thing to remember is that some weights can bounce and roll causing injury to you or someone else. All you need to do is place them on the floor rather than dropping them from two feet up.
6. Don't make noises while working out. Those "look at me! Look at me!" grunting noises are not needed and won't make a difference in the results you will achieve. It's very distracting to other gym members as well. Also, when you're grunting you're not breathing properly making you lose your breath easily and making things more difficult for you in the long run.
7. After sweating on a machine, wipe it down. Regardless of what type of machine you're using it is common courtesy to wipe it off for the next person. It helps keep the gym sanitary and clean as well as safe for you and other gym members.

Making the Most of Your Gym Workouts

Making the Most of Your Gym Workouts
Increasing your muscle mass and developing your body to achieve its full potential is a wonderful idea. This, however, requires a lot of hard work and effort on your end. Aside from eating well-balanced meals and getting sufficient rest, spending hours in the gym is important before you can notice any improvements.
Here's how you can make the most of your time as you do your gym workouts:
1. Evaluate your present physical condition and set appropriate goals.
Before engaging in any workout routine, take the time to assess your current physical condition and determine what you can do to improve. Do you need to lose or gain weight? Which areas of your body do you think need the most attention? Are there any lifestyle changes you have to make?
Speaking with a gym trainer can get you off to a good start. Doing this will give you the chance to establish effective workout plans that will help you achieve your real objective.
2. Eat properly.
As mentioned earlier, maintaining nutritious diet plays a big role for anyone who wants to build a muscular physique. The food you eat should be loaded with carbohydrates and protein. This, of course, doesn't mean that you have to exclude other nutrients. Remember that your meals should be balanced.
3. Stay well-hydrated.
You will lose a lot of fluid each time you go for a workout. Always bring a bottle of water or your favorite energy drink. Other bodybuilders prefer protein shakes and that's something you can also try. Either way, the point here is to stay hydrated and to regain some of the energy you lost after completing an exhausting exercise session.
4. Switch routines whenever necessary.
Make changes to your workout routines from time to time. This is very important because there is always a tendency for individuals to feel too comfortable with their established routine if they do it too often. This defeats your main purpose so make sure that you try other exercises occasionally.
5. Take high quality supplements.
Last but not the least, proper intake of supplements is highly recommended. There are a lot of interesting products in the market but be careful when you make your purchases. High quality supplements are available only from trusted resources.
Ask your gym trainer or other fellow gym buffs for any suggestions. Better yet, consult with your physician to get advice regarding which supplements are best for you.

Home Gym Workout Tips

Home Gym Workout Tips
Once you know all you need to know about the different aspects of home gym equipment and you're ready to go and build your home gym empire, it's time to start thinking about your home gym workout plan. If you're new to exercise, there are some basic things that you should know prior to beginning your workout plan.
Putting together an effective program isn't rocket science; however, it does take a little research on your part.
If you're reading this, you've already considered the benefits of creating a home gym space that you can use to do your daily workouts. You're probably already aware of the time and, in the long run, money a gym can save you. You're probably pretty excited about the gas you'll save by not having to drive to the gym, and the flexibility you'll have to workout whenever you want. Perhaps you're shy about working out and you're looking forward to exercising in the privacy of your own home.
These are all great reasons to start a gym at home, and they're the reasons that home gyms are becoming so popular today.
There's just one bump in the road that many gym junkies encounter every now and then - motivation!
Once you've bought the equipment and brought it home and you've started a basic workout, it's easy for the novelty to wear off, at which point your $1,500 treadmill becomes a $1,500 clothes rack. If you're concerned that your dedication to fitness will wane if you go the way of the home fitness centre, please read on. I'm here to offer you some basic workout advice and some tips to stay motivated in a home environment!
If you're a workout novice, there are a few things that you should understand before investing in a home gym and embarking on a workout program. There are three main focuses that should have attention in every workout program... 
Cardiovascular fitness
Strength training
Flexibility training
If you're serious about getting fit and reaping all of the benefits of a fit lifestyle, it's important that you include each of these components into your fitness plan.

Home Gym Workout Secrets by Trainer to the Stars

Home Gym Workout Secrets by Trainer to the Stars
Home Gym Workout Secrets:
• Add Interval Training to your Workouts Researchers at The University of NSW, Sydney Australia conducted tests using interval training and found people lost three times more weight than other women who exercised at a continuous regular pace for 40 minutes.
Include interval training 1-2 times per week in addition to your normal cardio training. Interval efforts can range anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes in length. Aim for an interval to rest ratio of 1:2 and a total workout time of approx 30 minutes e.g., 30 seconds effort with 1 minute easy and repeat or 5 min effort with 10 min easy and repeat.
• If you are stuck for time split your workout into am + pm workouts - e.g. 10 min in the morning and 10 min in evening We all lead busy lives and sometimes trying to squeeze in our daily schedule can mean skimping out on our exercise time too! Think of exercise time as "ME!" Here are few simple tips to help you.
• Minimalistic muscle tone ups! After making your bed in the morning try some triceps dips off the edge, while waiting for the elevators or blow drying your hair in the morning clench and release your glutes, while at your desk do leg raises or squats while watching television - just try and do what you can when you can;
• Try preparing everything that you need the night beforehand that way you can have time for that valuable me time. Better still set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier!
• Use the household chores as a workout, vacuum or dusting to music energetically, making the beds etc can all be a form of work out especially when you keep your abs switched on!
• Go for a quick walk in the morning for 10 minutes and again in the afternoon, at least then its still 20 minutes of cardio! Every little bit counts!
• Walk - it's cheap, convenient and a great way to burn fat. Walking is fun and can be done alone or with a group and is suitable for all ages. It's a cheap way of getting fit and you don't need any expensive gym equipment. Before you begin though, it's important to remember comfortable walking shoes with good arch support are the best choice for your feet. And most important of all - hydration; always take a small water bottle and take a sip every 15 minutes. Try interval walking, 5 minute warm up, 1 minute very fast then 2 minutes active recover, and repeat for 20 minutes, then 5 minutes gentle walking to cool down, don't forget to stretch afterwards - and voila, you're done!!! Or why not try a power walking class for something a little different. For your heart and general wellbeing, walking for 30 minutes 3-5 times a week, you will benefit by trimming down, toning up and looking and feeling at your best! So pick up that pace and get moving!
• Keep Moving - always take the stairs, park a block away, walk to work etc. Everyday we are told to be more active in our daily lives. Here are some simple easy cheap ways of getting that extra little bit of what the fitness professionals call 'incidental exercise' into your day:
• Instead of using the lifts or the escalators while at work or out shopping why not use the stairs instead, this is a great calorie burner and will help you tone from the waste down!!
• If you find yourself getting bored or upset and angry try going for a brisk walk around the block or walk from one office to another, this is a great way to get calm down and clear the mind.
• Do some simple exercises while watching your favourite TV program i.e. abs crunches during the breaks or calf raises on a step, or triceps dips off your lounge or if you have one a quick whirl on the exercise bike
• Instead of phoning/emailing your friends at work get up from your desk and visit them.
• Post your letters at post box away from work.
• Run errands for your colleagues or do some work as a volunteer for your community - i.e. tree planting days or letter box drops, you get to be outdoors.
• Take the dog for a walk.
• It's all about Variety - mix up your exercise to prevent boredom. Ever been bored with your exercise program so that it feels more like a regimented and restricted routine, - very ho hum to say the least and yes it can lead to that dreaded plateau! Well think again, it's just a simple case of being creative and trying different things.
Try a new class, if you haven't tried Pilates or yoga now is the time, or why not give the pump or boxing classes a go. Get outside and try outdoor circuit training, roller-balding, tennis, or simply have a game of football with some friends, you could even do some hiking. Remember variety is the spice of life - and by doing that your body too will not get used to the routine of your exercise program and you will start to see big results.
• Include exercises with light weights in your home gym to build lean muscle If you think that lifting weights is only for body builders then think again. By incorporating weight training into your fitness program you can gain a lot of benefits including: increased bone mineral density, helps with anxiety, depression and general mental health, lowers sports injury risks, helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, healthier heart and may help ward off diabetes. It also helps build muscular endurance for those heavy grocery days by increasing our ability to perform our daily tasks so that means more shopping - yay!!
To control body weight particularly for women, strength training plays a key role. For some women weight gain can be a very frustrating time. However by using light weights with exercises such as bicep curls and double arm triceps kick backs or squats and lunges with hand weights, just twice a week were able to avoid the slow onset of that.5 to 1kg gain in weight when reaching the age of 40 and over. This seemingly small amount of weight can add up over a number of years.
You might be asking how weight training helps keep you lean - well while muscle is being built, the cells that make up the muscle actually burn more calories than what fat does and you continue burning calories even while you are sleeping - awesome huh?
• Find a fitness buddy to keep you company, a dog or iPod. Having a fitness friend will help you stay on track, will be there to help you, motivate and inspire you to achieve your fitness goals. With the support of a like minded peer it will make your fitness experience a lot more fun. You are more likely to stick with it, keep each other on track and help each other when things become difficult. Listening to your favourite piece of music can uplift you and make you want to workout harder, and before you know it, the time will have just flown by. Having a dog that needs to be walked regularly can also help to keep you motivated. Fitness can be heaps of fun!
• Have a realistic goal in mind, such as running in a fun run and then follow a training plan. Have you ever heard of the saying - "failing to plan is planning to fail" well it's true! By having your goals written down, so that it's there in black and white makes you accountable! By using the FITT principle to plan your program for your workouts and have that goal in mind, you will be more likely to keep to it. Lets have a quick look at the FITT principle - frequency which is the how many times per week you are going to train, intensity how hard you intend to train, time for how long with each work out and also when you are going to workout and lastly and the type of training, i.e. swimming, running. By having a set plan written out you can track your progress and mark off the days as it draws nearer to the goal day. By setting a date on a particular goal you can modify your training to suit, check for improvements but also be realistic and sensible with your approach.
• Hire a personal trainer so you learn new ways to exercise. Let's face it - we all need to be motivated at some point in our lives. When we have a particular goal it is especially important. That's why a personal trainer is good. It's their professional passion to be time conscious and making you workout hard to get the results you want. They are there to provide support, inspire and encourage you, be hard on you when you need it, be a good listener, counselor and most importantly a friend. It makes exercise easier, more interesting and fun.
Another role of the personal trainer is to set up safe exercise environments so that you make the most of the equipment in your home gym and to make sure that you do the exercises correctly. A personal trainer can design/customize a fitness program just for you to help you achieve your goals sooner. Sometimes, particular exercise programs might have worked for some, but may not work for you - and to make the most of your time more effectively wouldn't it be wise to consult with the professionals instead of wasting time and energy with something the does not work?
• Try dance classes or a team sport. This will take the edge off boredom and dance your way to a new level of fitness. There are so many different types of dancing and they range from belly dancing, which is great for the mid section to Latin American, ballroom dancing or try a team sport like soccer or football, or perhaps join a swim team.