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Workout Routines For Women Using Heavier Weights

Workout Routines For Women Using Heavier Weights
Many women have been given misguided advice about their workout routines. The general consensus is that light weights are for "toning" and lifting heavier weights for "bulking up." Since many women don't want to look like female bodybuilders they see in the pictures and on TV so they automatically think by lifting light weights they will prevent looking "massive" or "manly." This is a false notion!
Exercise routines for women should include periods of lifting weights heavier than 5 pound dumbbells! The reason is that by lifting heavier weights, with safety and proper form, and then progressively increasing the weight used a woman will become much stronger for everyday activities.
 In addition, lifting heavier weights will help her build muscle faster.
By eating properly, following all doctor-recommended nutrition advice, and doing cardio she may find that she is more muscular, weighs roughly the same, and actually dropped a clothes size or two!
Obviously, including heavier weights during workout routines for women requires proper training on form and safety. Once a woman learns how to do the lifts properly, she may find the lifts to be more enjoyable and give her better benefits than her previous forms of exercise.
 Of course all exercise routines for women require balance between strength training, cardio, and other forms of exercise such as yoga. Make sure you get prior medical approval before making any changes to your current exercise, nutrition, or health activities.
One final note: female bodybuilders are usually much smaller in real life than they appear on TV or in the magazines. Remember that it is the camera man's job to capture all of the images with enhanced lighting. 
Take away the weeks of dieting, coats of tanning oil, last-minute techniques to bring out muscular definition, and water deprivation and most of the bodybuilders look a lot different one week later.
 So don't let the images you see of contest bodybuilders scare you away from lifting heavy weights.

The Right Home Gym Workout Routine for Gaining Muscles

The Right Home Gym Workout Routine for Gaining Muscles
Have you ever been to the gymnasium recently and you feel like a skinny flake among those men who had big muscles?
 If you do, then don't let those guys restrain you. You have to think of that they have been through on what you are going through. They were likewise scraggy or fat formerly and they exercised strong to get the body they have today. In fact, the proper home gym workout routine will help you to achieve the desired muscles.
They may grant you some hints on how to make muscles tight and some of these hints may really work. Nevertheless, if you truly desire to gather muscles tight, then here are some of the proper workout routines that you should espouse in order for you to get that serious muscle that you have constantly desired to have.
Firstly, you necessitate to think of that in order to gather muscles you should accentuate more on free weight exercises. Machine workouts may look to be invoking as it lowers the hazard of harm. Nevertheless, you have to view that in order to put on muscles, you require to strengthen the supporting muscles foremost, such as the synergist and the stabilisers. Machines don't do this as the machines themselves act as a stabiliser.
Free weights will command your muscles also as the supporting muscles to work out genuinely strong. This is why you will get fatigued much quicker when doing free weight exercises.If you learn somebody state that you require to work out the same muscle group daily, so don't take this advice. This will slow down the rate of growth of your muscles. You have to keep in mind that elaboration intends that you are really bruising or busting your muscles. If you do this everyday, it will head to the impairment of your muscles.
Thence, why work out if you are just tearing or wounding your muscles? You have to think of that when you hurt your muscles, the body will respond by interchanging or adding more muscle tissues to strengthen the injured muscles. This intends muscle growth or an addition in the muscle mass. And, the best time for your muscles to develop is by resting or sleeping.
Try working out different portions of the body each day. E.g., on day one, you might desire to work out your chest and triceps. On day two, work out the back and biceps. And, on day three, work out the legs and shoulders. On each day, always work out your abdominal muscles with sit ups, crunches and other abdominal exercises.After day three, you should rest the following day and after that, begin once more with day one. Do this for two weeks and modify the exercises to keep off hitting the plateau where your muscles get so used to the exercises that it will not develop any longer.
On each muscle group, try to do 3 to 4 exercises. For instance, for the chest, do bench presses, lying dumbbell fly, and cable crossovers. For each exercise do 8-10 reps and 3 sets each.
These are the things that you need to think of about muscle increase and the right home gym workout routines for it. Always keep in mind that right execution is the key to muscle increment. Resting is likewise really crucial besides as dieting.

Workout Routines - Which One Should You Choose?

Workout Routines - Which One Should You Choose?
There are tons of workout routines located online, and with there being so many, which one should you choose, and how do you know it'll deliver the kind of results that you're looking for?
A few things to look out for...
1. When you're trying to build mass, or gain weight, stick with the routines that offer lower volume and lower reps. 
You will want to lift heavier weight, and when doing that, your body will have the tendency to build thicker muscles, giving you that bodybuilder appearance. 45 minutes of weight training done every other day would be just right.
2. If you are trying to lose weight or burn fat, you will want the complete opposite. Go for workout routines that offer multiple exercises, short rests, and higher repetitions per set. 1 to 2 hours every other day with a combination of cardio and weight training would be sufficient.
3. If you are looking to to maintain muscle mass but still burn off a decent amount of fat simultaneously, then you will definitely want to go for the routine that has the rep range of around 10 per set with about 4 sets per exercise. 45 minutes of weight training done every other day would be sufficient. Add cardio whenever you see fit.
Gain weight and mass - less reps more weight.
Lose weight - more reps less weight. Add extra cardio.
I hope you apply this information to the next workout routine that you choose. If you follow this simple guide the results will come a lot easier!
For a selection of highly effective workout routines.

Workout Plan For Beginners

Workout Plan For Beginners
What kind of program you start with depends on your specific goals. This article will help you shed some light on myth that there is no perfect method in fitness. For example if you want to lose weight, running or cardio might not be the best thing. So let's start with understanding fitness in general.
Cardio for Weight loss?
If your goal is weight loss, then spending 1 hr on treadmill or running early in the morning(before breakfast) might give you OK results but it also has lot of drawbacks.
 In these kind of workouts you burn out your muscles as well as fat. In reality, fat is the last thing you'll burn in any workouts. You'll be burning glycogen stored in your body first and then muscles...
You see every pound of muscle you have will burn 50 calories a day. If you burn these muscles, your metabolism will slow down. You'll lose weight, no doubt about that but you'll also lose very important muscles.
Building body or strength?
If you check out with your local gym, there is very good chance that your coach or instructor in the gym will make you do High number of reps (around 15-20) every set. According to them this build body and strength and what not... Again this is OK but would you like to get access to better way of building strength & body?
Here's better way : If you use low reps with more sets (3 reps X 6 Sets) with heavy weights, not only you are making your muscles stronger but also you'll be shaping them.
A Beginners Workout plan
From my experience I had great results with strength training and working with cardio (High intensity training). Beginners on this workout gain strength in leaps and bounds and make great progress.
 If you check out most of the programs I have shared, you'll see I use many types of workouts which includes free weights, bodyweight calisthenics, odd objects like sandbag and other equipments like kettlebell. I always believe in "the chain is as stronger as its weakest link".
You workout every weakness of yours. You find out where your weakness likes and improve it. Not only gym rats who either work on their chest or biceps daily basis but forgets about the big gut hanging in front of them.