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Weight Loss and Exercise

Exercise alone is not usually enough to sustain weight loss.
The more muscle you have the more calories you burn, but from around the age of 25 the body starts to lose 2% of muscle mass every 10 years which goes up to 6-8% the older you get, hence making it harder to maintain your weight or as popularly known as middle age spread.
Along with cardiovascular activity (running, cycling, swimming, walking and so on which is good for weight loss and overall health), resistance training your muscles (weights, pushups, elastic type trainers etc) will minimize or help to reverse any muscle loss, unfortunately none of this is any good without a proper diet regime.
Diet has far more impact on weight loss than exercise does but it's just as important to have an active lifestyle. Here are some interesting stats and a bit of fun;

Effort required to lose 1lb of fat from an 11 Stone person
An 11 stone person walking a brisk 4mph for 42 miles will lose 1lb
An 11 stone person running an 8 minute mile for 29 miles will lose 1lb
An 11 stone person cycling 12-14mph for 79 miles will lose 1lb
An 11 stone person having sex with average effort 79 times will lose 1lb!
I know I couldn't believe it either but please don't let that stop you exercising or creating an active lifestyle, it's important to our complete wellbeing and will enable us to enjoy our life well into our later years.

Another easy trap to fall into will be very similar to many people.
For example: this particular person went down the gym with her best friend, did a good healthy workout and then straight after went for a coffee and a coffee house style biscuit, thinking that they worked so hard at the gym a little treat wouldn't hurt. Bear in mind you can spend an hour on a treadmill, burn 250 calories and eat 300 calories on the way home at the coffee shop, or worse still, drinks at the bar.

Weight Loss Program - Find One That Really Works!

Finding a weight loss program that really works for you can be very difficult. I'm sure you've seen the advertisements for the programs that give you that quick fix, that miracle cure, that secret plan that the scientists haven't figured out yet. They all sound too good to be true and you can be sure that is usually the case.
Before you go spending your hard earned money on a phony program that does nothing more than put a lot of money in a con artist's pocket, take a moment to read this article. I'll help you understand the best way to create a successful and most importantly, permanent, weight loss regime.
It's important to remember that the weight loss program that you want to choose is one that will allow you to achieve permanent weight loss. All that a quick fix program will do is to allow you to lose weight quickly; it won't help you maintain your weight. In fact, you will most likely lose your initial motivation and the desire to overeat will come back even stronger than before.
That quick fix program will most likely not be healthy for you either. You want a diet plan that is good for you, has no side effects, and entails a regular exercise routine. Beware of programs that involve consuming abnormally low amounts of carbohydrates, herbs that you've never heard of, or excessive exercise regimes.
One of the great misconceptions about losing weight and getting healthy is the idea that you've got to keep yourself highly motivated all the time. This couldn't be further than the truth. The whole reason for getting into the right program is to help you in those moments when you begin to falter. No one can stay motivated all the time and what's important is being able to stick with it through the difficult times.
On that note, always keep in mind that none of us are perfect. There's going to come a day when you slip and gorge yourself on a large pizza or eat several pieces of cake in one sitting. Sure you're going to feel guilty and maybe even be a little depressed but you have to learn how to forgive yourself. We all slip but climbing back on the boat and sticking with it during the hardest of times is what will make you successful.
So make sure that your weight loss program is manageable and won't burn you out quickly. There's nothing wrong by starting with baby steps. Starting a crash course diet and a non stop workout like they do on The Biggest Loser is not necessarily realistic. Goals that are too hard to accomplish will increase the likelihood that you won't be able to reach them. Don't put yourself in the position of not being able to achieve what you want.

Best Workout Routine For Everyone

Best Workout Routine For Everyone

Have you ever wanted to get in a good workout but just couldn't come up with the right workout routine. Sometimes you have all the time in the world to do a workout and other times you have no time but all the desire in the world. 
It is difficult in this day and age to find the time to get in a workout, but harder yet to get the best workout possible. Do you lift weights or do a cardiovascular workout? Should you do upper body weight lifting or lower body? Yoga? Etc.... I find that a good circuit training routine that gets the heart pumping with a goodmuscle burn will provide you with the best of both worlds.
The first thing to think about for the best workout would be to know your time frame and understand that you have a finite period of time to do the workout. In that time frame you need to focus on your workout and nothing else. Try not to watch TV or read a book during your workout. This will only distract you from focusing on your workout routine. The following workout will only take about 30 minutes to perform but should provide you with a workout that will be very taxing.
To get started do a quick warm up routine to get the blood flowing to the muscles. Then do a good stretching routine to prepare your muscles for the workout, especially your back and hamstrings. Now it is time to workout. I prefer to do the big compound muscle movements first so your other muscles will have to work harder when you single them out for their respective exercise. For example, doing push-ups utilizes not only the chest but also the biceps and triceps. Therefore, once you do push-ups and move onto the bicep and tricep workout your biceps and triceps will have to work harder because they have already done a set and will be tired.

This is the workout that I recommend and in the following order of exercises.

Chin Ups or dumbbell rowes

Dumbbell Lunges

Bicep Curls

Tricep Extensions

Front and Side Shoulder Raises

Calf Raises

All of the exercises are maximum reps and you should start with the first exercise and work your way down the list without a break between sets until the end. Then take a minute or two break and get some water and repeat at least two more times.
After the workout don't forget to drink a protein shake as that will help repair the muscles and allow them to heal so they can adapt and grow. When the muscles grow they burn extra calories so treat them well by feeding them well.

If you do this workout at least three times per week you will understand why this is the best workout routine ever. It is a fast paced routine that will provide a cardiovascular benefit and you will be toning muscles in the process. Happy workouts!!

Best Workout Routine to Build Muscle Revealed!

Best Workout Routine to Build Muscle Revealed!
There are many workout routines that you can use to build your muscles. However, sometimes the best workout routines to build muscles can be done from the comfort of your home. It is also a good idea to inform your doctor whenever you decide to develop a training program to build your muscles. Make sure you also eat healthy foods and avoid saturated fats. Read on to learn which routines you can use to build chest muscles, arm muscles, and leg muscles.
One of the best workout routines to build muscles in the chest is called the dumbbell chest exercise. 

Put simply, you can make good progress by obtaining a small work bench and two dumbbells. To get started, you will need two dumbbell weights that you can lift comfortably. 
You can set up shop in your home or backyard. Lie down on the bench with your back flat. Pick up both dumbbells and lift them over your chest slowly ten times. This process can be done one time per day within fifteen minutes.
The best workout routine to build muscles in the arms is called the barbell arm exercises. This type of exercise is used to build biceps and triceps muscles. These are the hardest muscles to build so it takes time and patience. Sit on your bench and use your arm muscles to lift the barbells up and down to strengthen these muscles.
You can also do push-ups to build the triceps and biceps muscles. Performing wrist curls up and down is another method that bodybuilders use to improve these muscles. Take about thirty to forty minutes each day to perform this routine.
A commonly used best workout routine to build muscles in the legs is called a squat. This is a very simple and easy exercise to do and the process builds up the muscles in the leg. A squat can be done in several different ways. Push your hands out and keep your back straight and bend your knees up and down. You can also place a weight on your shoulder and balance it with your arms spread out using the same method. Take your early morning jog or walk with leg weights strapped to your ankles.