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Workout Routines Using No Weight

Workout Routines Using No Weight
If your goal is lose weight, then you need to perform high intensity workouts. This is what burns calories and boosts your metabolic rate, not steady state cardio. Increasing your metabolic rate, or the rate at which your body burns calories, is absolutely crucial in for sustainable fat loss.
I want to give you a simple template you can use to develop some workout routines without weights. First, you need to choose your exercises.
 There are dozens of body weight exercises to choose from. But the main important thing is to make sure that these exercises challenge you.
Next step is to organize these movements into a workout. My favorite form of training is circuit training. Circuit training is where you perform four or more exercises back to back with little to no rest in between each set.
 Instead of choosing repetitions, I like to perform each exercise for 30-40 seconds, then move straight onto the next movement.
High intensity circuit training keeps my heart rate up, and thus makes my body work harder.
 The target heart rate zone is a complete myth and useless piece of information. If you want to raise your metabolic rate, you need to force your body to work harder.
There are two main ways to make your body work harder using body weight training. The first way is to choose challenging movements, as I mentioned earlier.
 Push ups, pull ups, and squats no longer challenge me, so I use unique and challenging exercises such as ellipse and one leg squats.

Myths About Workout Routines For Toning

Myths About Workout Routines For Toning
If you're happy with the size of your muscles, but want to firm them up, there are some facts about workout routines for toning that you should know.
 Just like there is a lot of false information when it comes to bulking on muscle, the same applies to toning. This article highlights some of the myths, and points you in the right direction towards effective muscle toning.
Though contrary to what the media and muscle magazines might have you think, there is no scientific consensus in regards to what is commonly referred to as "muscle tone".
 The common belief is that there are "hard" muscles, and "soft" muscles. However, from all my reading, research, and experience, I cannot give you even one example that this is gospel!
The cold, hard fact is simple. There is no workout routine for toning that will harden your muscles. If you think you've ever gotten results from these so called routines, you're in for a shock. 
The firming up of muscles is a result of one thing, and one thing only - an increase of muscle tissue, and a decrease in "jiggly" fat. It's as simple as that..
Now, even though I state that toning routines are a myth, there is definitely things you can do to firm up.
 At some point in your workout plan, you're going to need to go into calorie deficit to shed some of that subcutaneous bodyfat (I.E. the fat under the skin).
 My advice would be to bulk up as much as you can for a few months, then spend a few weeks to a month consuming less, but maintaining your strength training.

Workout Routines To Build Muscle

Workout Routines To Build Muscle
One question that some people ask themselves as they go about their workout routines to build muscle is where cardio fits into the picture. Should cardio be performed on a workout routine to build muscle or is it better off saved to a time when you want to work towards losing fat?
Many people get confused over this as they hear others saying that on a workout routine to build muscle, cardio is only going to burn up precious lean muscle tissue and take you further away from muscle growth.
What's the real story behind this? Should you do cardio training?
Let's take a look at a few of the factors to consider about whether you should add cardio training in as part of your workout routines to build muscle.

Your Recovery Rates
The first thing that you'll want to think about with this is how good of a recovery rate you have. If you're someone who isn't recovering all that well between their muscle building workout sessions, then you really shouldn't go adding additional exercise that will really tax the body.

On the other hand though, if recovery has never been an issue for you, then if you do want to add a few cardio workouts to your workout week, you may have no problem with this.
You really must assess this on a case by case basis because everyone will be slightly different in how well they recover.

Your Primary Goals
Moving on, also take a look at what your primary muscle growth goals are. Do you just want to build muscle? Or do you want to improve sports performance?

If you're someone who is concerned with performance or is also worried about overall health maintenance, then adding some cardio will likely be necessary. This is especially the case if you do play sports such as hockey, soccer, or football where a great deal of cardiovascular work is involved.
By keeping up with modest amounts of cardio you'll make sure you don't get too out of shape while doing your workout routines to build muscle that you're gasping for air when you play your sports.
Your Body Type
Third, think about the body type you have. If you're a classic ectomorph - that is, someone who is very skinny naturally, cardio is definitely going to move you away from your goal. You'll likely find you do lose muscle mass if you perform cardio training so you'll really want to keep it limited to just a few walks here and there.
If you're someone who tends to gain body fat easily then cardio training while doing your workout routines to build muscle could potentially help you stay leaner and be a good idea.

The Cardio Form
Finally, think about the form of cardio in question. In order to experience good muscle building you'll want to keep cardio on the more moderate side of things as high intensity cardio will definitely put a lot of stress on the body.
When you combine this with your heavy weight lifting workouts, you will without a doubt start to notice that you aren't able to recover and that you just don't see the growth you'd like.

How To Structure An Effective Weight Loss Workout Routine

How To Structure An Effective Weight Loss Workout Routine
Rather then shooting for a great weight loss workout routine, a well toned and healthy physique, people obsess with moving the figures on the scale that is the wrong strategy.
Your overall look and wellness are determined by numerous factors; these are also independently in charge of leading to the overall weight of an individual.
You can be "light" weight yet still be loose and flabby, 100 % out of shape, and in poor health; similarly, it's possible to be "heavy" but trim, lean, and in exceptional health. There are very "light" people who are in terrible health with smooth, loose and flabby plus out-of-shape physiques.
The reading on the scale is actually a sum of the load driven by fat, muscles, water, plus glycogen. Picking a simple "weight loss" tactic is, in effect, flying blind, because it doesn't take into account every one of these factors, which are the reason for the full weight of an individual.

To lose the "bad" weight and keep your "good" weight, you need to embark on an efficient weight loss workout routine, which will help you fulfill your main goal regarding attaining a lean, cut along with energetic physique. The main objective of the weight loss workout routine have to be...

Bring down body fat and preserve lean muscle mass. This is actually the only way to a shapely physique and long term good results. Let go of that figure on the weighing machine! Instead, commit your time and efforts in a high quality weight loss workout routine that operates to lower your unwanted fat and also maintain your lean body mass.The quantity of lean, healthy muscles you have decides your basal metabolic rate, or the amount of calories an individual burn whilst resting. The greater the muscles tissue, the greater is the rate of metabolism and the higher is the magnitude of excess fat burnt.The majority of you out there want to have a trim, firm and well toned body; muscle that you will build will allow you to fulfill that very aspiration. A decreased body fat percent with out adequate muscle mass growth will be insignificant in aiding an individual attain a ripped and nicely toned body.You have to recognize that "crash diets" might help you drop the pounds quickly, though the outcomes are not really long lasting and you are therefore certain to fail. Such extreme diets will only force the body to break down lean body mass which will reduce the metabolismYour "lighter" body will certainly be lacking muscle tone along with strength. Further, it has been programmed to store fat, defining it as almost certain that you can expect to get back to the original weight if not more.
Focus on a "weight loss" approach that helps in decreasing excess fat, whilst preserving muscle. A highly effective weight loss workout routine will guarantee that. A good weight loss workout routine is actually a well formulated way to restructure your body, lose fat, keep it off, and gain a strong athletic and toned body.
Overcome your weight number as it would be mirrored on the scale; alternatively concentrate on your weight loss workout routine, which is of higher consequence.