Two Upper Ab Workout Routines

Two Upper Ab Workout Routines
We all know, if you want to lose weight, you are advised to combine dieting and exercise. The same rule applies to developing your upper abs. If you really want to develop your abs, upper or lower, then not only do you need to eat the right foods, but also more importantly use those upper ab workout routines to exercise those muscles.
There are many different exercises you can do, but you may need to find one that you actually feel comfortable doing and is more beneficial to you.
There are some exercises that you can do at home and these were taught to most of us during our physical education lessons back at school. These work very well at strengthening the abdominal muscles, primarily using the Rectus Abdominis and the Obliques muscles. We just need to be reminded of them.
We were all taught how to do the 'Bicycle' and the 'Crunch' exercises, just to mention two. Both exercises are easy to do, and there are others that work well with developing abs, but need more focus and some would say are more demanding.
Let's see how to do one of the more demanding exercises. This is the 'single leg style abdominal press.
By doing this workout, you will certainly be exercising the core muscles and your abs will become stronger. Remember to try and relax the rest of your body.
1. Lie down on your back, bend your knees and feet on the floor.
2. Keep your back in a naturally flat position. Do not arch your back or press it down onto the floor. Try to avoid tilting your hips. Now tighten your abdominal muscles. You can easily carry out this move by pressing your navel toward your spine.
3. Raise your right leg off the floor, so that the knee and hip are bent at right angles (90-degrees). Then place your right hand on top of your knee.
4. Push your hand down against your knee. At the same time as this, use your abdominal muscles to pull your knee in towards your hand. Try to keep your arm straight. Hold this position for three deep breaths.
5. Return to the start position again.
6. Now repeat these steps using your left knee and your left hand.
Here is a slight variation of the same exercise. It is the 'Opposite hand to Knee' exercise.
1. Start again in the original position as above.
2. Push your right hand against your left knee while you are pulling your knee toward your hand. You will be pushing and pulling across the center of your body.
3. Hold this position for three deep breaths.
4. Then repeat this exercise using the opposite hand and leg.
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