The Most Common Workout Routine Mistakes

The Most Common Workout Routine Mistakes
No pain, no gain. That's the old motto anyone who successfully followed a workout routine chanted in their head on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the average gym member quits after only six months, well before any results actually begin to show. Take a look at some of these more common mistakes and make sure that your workout routine is squared away.
Go Big or Go Home
I had an old football coach back in High school that used to say "Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect", it didn't really make sense to me then - or now. But I think he meant that if you want serious results you must take serious action. The same principle applies to exercise routines. 
You're not going to see toned thighs and a solid rear while you read a book and walk on a treadmill. You've got to push yourself every day and maximize your training regimen.
Doing the Wrong Workout Routine
Think about where you learned your training schedule. Was it a professional athletes training regimen on a 6 disk DVD collection or a late night infomercial? The football players exercise routine is set at a level that is unattainable to the individual just starting out.
 Even advanced weight-lifters can't match up to a professional athletes workout routine. If it isn't personally designed for you then you're probably not getting the most out of it. Decide what your goals are, sit down with a personal trainer and have them plan out a specialized training schedule that fits your needs.
Repetitive Sessions
When you do the same workout routine day after day your muscle growth, weight loss or strength increase will hit a point where change is no longer apparent. To escape this plateau, you should switch up your training schedule every few weeks or once a month. Simply change your exercises or the amount of weight, reps or length of your training schedule.
Improper Technique
Improper technique while doing exercises is probably the most common mistake when following a workout routine. Without the proper form, you're likely to see below par results and could possibly set yourself up for a potential injury. Consult a personal trainer about form and technique when designing your exercise regimen.
If you set realistic goals, eat healthy food and follow a personalized training schedule you can see amazing results relatively fast. But remember, the two most given reasons for quitting an exercise routine are lack of time and lack of results.
 So be patient, find 30 minutes a day and you'll be on your way to accomplishing your healthy living goals.