Myths About Workout Routines For Toning

Myths About Workout Routines For Toning
If you're happy with the size of your muscles, but want to firm them up, there are some facts about workout routines for toning that you should know.
 Just like there is a lot of false information when it comes to bulking on muscle, the same applies to toning. This article highlights some of the myths, and points you in the right direction towards effective muscle toning.
Though contrary to what the media and muscle magazines might have you think, there is no scientific consensus in regards to what is commonly referred to as "muscle tone".
 The common belief is that there are "hard" muscles, and "soft" muscles. However, from all my reading, research, and experience, I cannot give you even one example that this is gospel!
The cold, hard fact is simple. There is no workout routine for toning that will harden your muscles. If you think you've ever gotten results from these so called routines, you're in for a shock. 
The firming up of muscles is a result of one thing, and one thing only - an increase of muscle tissue, and a decrease in "jiggly" fat. It's as simple as that..
Now, even though I state that toning routines are a myth, there is definitely things you can do to firm up.
 At some point in your workout plan, you're going to need to go into calorie deficit to shed some of that subcutaneous bodyfat (I.E. the fat under the skin).
 My advice would be to bulk up as much as you can for a few months, then spend a few weeks to a month consuming less, but maintaining your strength training.