Body Building Routines - The 3 Day Workout Routine

Body Building Routines - The 3 Day Workout Routine
If you're looking to get a great body, you'll need to understand that getting those define and firm six pack abs strong body will requires you more than just lifting weights in the gym room. There are different form of exercises program that are tailored for different people, some are more effective for burning fats and some are for faster muscle gaining.
If your aim is to gain mass muscles, then body building exercises are meant for you. A usual body building exercise routine will usually consists of a 3 work out days. During those exercises, you'll be rotating and working out on different muscles group. A set of 3 with 10 reps are common and effective.
One example of a body building exercise routine is as below:
Day 1 --Target your biceps and your back. Perform and test up to 4 different exercises for both muscle groups to see which is the most effective for you. Have a repetition of 10 and 3 sets each.
Day 2 --Target your chest and triceps, same as before, perform up to 4 different forms of exercises during your repetition of 10 and 3 sets.
Day 3 -Target your leg, thighs and shoulders. 10 reps with 3 set and perform up to 4 different types of exercises.
It is also a good idea to work your abdominal muscles on each alternate day; crunches are more effective for abdominal muscles than sit up. Therefore you can either add weights while you do your crunches if you do not feel the intensity of the workout as much.
Body building exercises apart, having a good body building diet as well as getting enough rest in between you workout of the same muscles group will help you to gain muscles quicker. Your body building diet should be high in protein as protein helps repair those injured muscles from your workout. However, your protein source should not be solely from meat, consider taking from other excellent protein sources such as fish, milk, cheese.
Aside from those 3 days, you can develop your own workout routines by adding in more work out days; ideally you should be working out all your muscles group if possible because you'll want to have a proportionate grow when building mass muscles.
Dedication, commitment as well as a system is all important for gaining muscle mass quick. Follow a proven system to take out the guessing game and gain leverage on gaining those muscles.