Ab Exercises using 2 Abdominal Crunch Workout Routines

Ab Exercises using 2 Abdominal Crunch Workout Routines
When you are exercising to get six pack abs, you must ensure that you follow the proper ab exercise techniques because this is vitally important and will determine the effectiveness of your exercise. You have to continually educate yourself on the health fitness way to correct exercise technique that will have you achieve 24 hour fitness.
In order to remain injury free and allow you to train longer without any forced layoff, you have to adopt a proper ab exercise routine. Proper ab exercises not only enables you to develop muscle and fitness but also ensure that you are doing it safely and consistently. If you are doing weight training, proper ab exercise technique also allows you to improve your overall strength and lift more weight.The same goes for abs training, you have to adopt proper ab exercise technique to train your abdominal muscles, especially when you are doing it with added resistance. The last thing you want happen to you is a back injury that will keep off the gym or any ab workout routines.
Here are 2 intermediate abs exercises using an exercise ball that will help you to get the six packs. Remember, when you are performing these ab workout routines, you must make sure to follow proper technique.
1. Medicine Ball Abdominal Exercises
This abs workout is good for training both your lower and upper abs. A good lower back strength is needed in order to perform this ab exercise properly.Lie on your back with your back pressed firmly against the mat. Place the exercise ball between your feet and a medicine ball of appropriate weight in your hands. Place your hands holding the medicine ball above your head; do not let your hand or medicine ball touch the floor.Keeping your arms straight and your knee slightly bend, lift your legs up using your lower abs while crunching up with the medicine ball by contracting your upper abs. Meet and touch at the top and then lower yourself back down.Open your body back up by lowering yourself back down to the starting position, making sure that the medicine ball and the exercise ball do not touch the floor, and repeat the action.
2. Abdominal Crunch
This exercise is great for training the upper abs. The exercise ball is used to keep your lower body locked in position which forces the upper abs to lift your body up towards your knees.
Lie on your back with your back pressed firmly against the mat and with your legs up and knees bent at 90 degrees. Place an exercise ball on top of your legs and have it rest on your shins. Place your hands by the side of your ears.Keeping your lower back on the floor, slowly lift your shoulders off the floor by crunching up towards your knees by contacting your upper abs. Make sure that your exercise ball stays in place on your shins when you are crunching.
Slowly lower your body back onto the floor and repeat action.
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