Workout Routines To Build Muscle

Workout Routines To Build Muscle
One question that some people ask themselves as they go about their workout routines to build muscle is where cardio fits into the picture. Should cardio be performed on a workout routine to build muscle or is it better off saved to a time when you want to work towards losing fat?
Many people get confused over this as they hear others saying that on a workout routine to build muscle, cardio is only going to burn up precious lean muscle tissue and take you further away from muscle growth.
What's the real story behind this? Should you do cardio training?
Let's take a look at a few of the factors to consider about whether you should add cardio training in as part of your workout routines to build muscle.

Your Recovery Rates
The first thing that you'll want to think about with this is how good of a recovery rate you have. If you're someone who isn't recovering all that well between their muscle building workout sessions, then you really shouldn't go adding additional exercise that will really tax the body.

On the other hand though, if recovery has never been an issue for you, then if you do want to add a few cardio workouts to your workout week, you may have no problem with this.
You really must assess this on a case by case basis because everyone will be slightly different in how well they recover.

Your Primary Goals
Moving on, also take a look at what your primary muscle growth goals are. Do you just want to build muscle? Or do you want to improve sports performance?

If you're someone who is concerned with performance or is also worried about overall health maintenance, then adding some cardio will likely be necessary. This is especially the case if you do play sports such as hockey, soccer, or football where a great deal of cardiovascular work is involved.
By keeping up with modest amounts of cardio you'll make sure you don't get too out of shape while doing your workout routines to build muscle that you're gasping for air when you play your sports.
Your Body Type
Third, think about the body type you have. If you're a classic ectomorph - that is, someone who is very skinny naturally, cardio is definitely going to move you away from your goal. You'll likely find you do lose muscle mass if you perform cardio training so you'll really want to keep it limited to just a few walks here and there.
If you're someone who tends to gain body fat easily then cardio training while doing your workout routines to build muscle could potentially help you stay leaner and be a good idea.

The Cardio Form
Finally, think about the form of cardio in question. In order to experience good muscle building you'll want to keep cardio on the more moderate side of things as high intensity cardio will definitely put a lot of stress on the body.
When you combine this with your heavy weight lifting workouts, you will without a doubt start to notice that you aren't able to recover and that you just don't see the growth you'd like.