Workout Routine With Free Weights

Workout Routine With Free Weights
Your goals will determine your workout routine. So, what are your goals? Men usually want to build big muscles, women usually want to build slender sexy muscles and it seems like everybody wants to lose weight. Well, I'll tell you just how to do all three.
To build big muscles you need to lift a lot of weights. That seems obvious but it is how you go about doing it. You will want to lift with 80% of your maximum capacity and never lift to failure. Always stop a couple of reps before failure. You will do 4 to 6 repetitions and 10 to 20 sets. Yes, that's a lot of lifting but it is what you have to do if you want to get big quick.
Ladies you will not be getting big, you will be getting strong and slender. You will also lift with 80% of your max but only 2 to 4 sets and no more than 5 repetitions.
To lose weight it is best to use something called a kettlebell. This is a Russian device and looks like a cannonball with a handle. Because of its design it is ideal for swinging which adds an element of cardiovascular activity that isn't available from dumbbells and barbells.
When using KBs you will want to work out in a circuit moving from exercise to exercise with a brief period of rest in between. In this way you will actually burn up to 20 calories a minute and turn your body into a fat burning furnace long after the work out is over.