Weight Training Workout Routine

Weight Training Workout Routine
Choosing a training program for your particular body is the most important step to building muscle and gaining weight.
 Just because one workout routine helps someone gain weight and build muscle that doesn't mean it will help you. You have to figure out your body type and then pick a training routine that fits your specific needs.
The first step is finding out how easy you can put weight and muscle on. If you gain weight and muscle easily, you should have no problem finding a training program and gaining weight. For people who struggle to gain weight and build muscle, it is even more important to find a routine that fits your specific needs.
People that don't build muscle too easily are called hardgainers. Their muscles recover slower than other people's do. This means they need more rest time in between workouts so their muscles can fully heal.
 When they lift with tired muscles, it does a lot more bad than good. You actually have a better chance of weakening the muscles than strengthening them. You are also more susceptible to injury and illness.
A workout routine that fits a hardgainers needs is one with less time in the gym and more time in between gym visits. Three to four one-hour sessions is ideal.
 This gives the muscles time to recover and will give the hardgainer the best muscle growth.
Developing good eating and sleeping habits is also vital to weight gain and muscle growth. Mixing in small, healthy meals during the day to supplement breakfast, lunch and dinner is essential.
 Taking a protein shake right before bed will also trigger muscle growth. Sleeping 7 to 8 hours each night is vital. This is when the muscles grow the most.