Prevention For An Injury Free Workout Routine

Prevention For An Injury Free Workout Routine
Take Injury Prevention Seriously
So now you are working out, and you are so sore you can barely move. How in the world are you supposed to get in shape when every time that you try there is some ache, pain, or cramp that sends you to the freezer for an ice pack or to the bath tub to soak? Now you are dreading the next workout because you don't want to be sore again. Last month you tweaked your hamstring and that sidelined you for two weeks. It's no secret. Good injury prevention habits are what you need.
Prevention of injury is far better than having to treat and cure them after they occur. Just a little prevention will provide you with an injury free workout routine that will get you in shape and keep you that way. We human beings take the path of least resistance so muscle cramps, stiffness, and pain can easily discourage novice exercisers from continuing their programs, especially if it takes a couple of weeks to recover from it. Let's see what causes these nagging injuries, and what it takes to prevent them in the first place.
What Causes Exercise Injuries?
There are quite a few reasons for exercise injuries but the bulk of them fall into six categories:
1. Failure to warm up properly.
2. Shoes that fit improperly
3. Overtraining. Exercise routines that are too long in duration 4. or are too close together.
4. Trying to do too much too soon.
5. Using improper form during exercises.
6. Not doing a proper cool down.
Trying to prevent these bad habits by recognizing them and eliminating them is an effective way to prevent injury.
What Are The Most Common Injuries?
Just like there are common causes of injuries, there are common injuries. These include:
1. Shoulder or rotator cuff injuries
2. Hip pointers or flexors
3. Pulled hamstrings
4. Knee injuries
5. Calf injuries
6. Lower back injuries
Common Sense Injury Prevention
If you are a novice exerciser, are just getting back into shape, or are starting to exercise after recovering from an illness or an injury, limit your workout routines to 20 minutes, 3 times per week. 
Exercise every other day.
Warm up 5-10 minutes before exercising. For your own safety, make sure that you use equipment that is in good shape, including athletic shoes that fit properly. Use proper form when exercising. Frequently change your workout routine in order to avoid overuse injuries due to repetitive motions.