Muscle Building Workout Routine

Muscle Building Workout Routine
The difference a good workout routine can make is astounding. A bad routine may cause you to overwork muscles, which will lead to no gains and maybe injury. A bad routine can go the opposite and ignore different areas of your body. This will lead to an awkward lopsided look, neither of these are things that you want.
The opposite is true about a good routine. A good routine will keep all of your muscles in tip top shape and make you look like you want. A good routine will not overwork you and will give your muscles adequate time to rest. A well planned routine is a general must.
Get a good amount of rest
A good muscle building workout routine will give you the amount of rest your body needs.
 Your body builds muscle not while working out, but while you sleep. This is why working out three times a week can end up being more of a bad idea then a good one.
High weight, Low reps If you want to make fast gains this is the general rule. The high weight and low reps will make your body grow at large rates allowing you to gain the body you want. Once you hit the size you want you can then up the reps and begin to go towards your next goals (whatever they may be).
Hit all muscle groups once You want to hit each muscle group about once a week, a good example of this is this quickly made routine:
Monday : chest, Triceps, quads, glutes
Wednesday : Biceps, forearm, cardio (optional) You can also throw in abs
Friday: Back, shoulders, hams, calves.
Following these steps should lead you to a great muscle building workout routine, remember you must work to gain it!
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