Free Ab Workout Routines

Free Ab Workout Routines
One goal that many people try to achieve when it comes to their fitness is to have a flat midsection. These individuals will go through torturous ab workouts in order to achieve this goal.
 Unfortunately, many of them are not very happy with the results that they achieve from these various abdominal workouts. What can you do in order to flatten your stomach and fit into your clothes better? Read on for some ab exercise tips and a free resource for ab workout routines at the bottom of this article.
People do an amazing amount of ab work whenever they are trying to flatten their stomach. They do a lower ab workout, an upper ab workout and they may follow a regiment in which they are basically torturing themselves for up to a half hour every day.
They may see a little bit of a decrease in their waistline but they may not be achieving the goal of actually flattening their stomach. This is basically because simply targeting the abdominal area with a workout will not necessarily reduce the size of your waist.
 It will tighten up your abdominal muscles, and that is a very important part of achieving your goal. But you may still have a layer of fat that you need to cut before your abs will show.
I'm not going to spend a lot of time telling you how to lose the fat from your stomach. If you are already taking part in some kind of free ab workouts, you no doubt have a little bit of knowledge about what it takes to cut body weight. 
Simply watch your calories and try to eat low on the glycemic index and the weight will come off naturally if you are already working your body and doing regular ab routines.
One of the most important parts of any abdominal workout is variety. You can reduce the size of your stomach by doing different exercises such as the stomach vacuum or some Pilates exercises but you need to vary the exercises that you do in order to shock the muscles into tightening even further. 
So, continue to do the ab workout that you are doing, watch the calories that you are taking in on a regular basis and mix up your routine on occasion. If you are persistent in your efforts, your stomach will flatten in no time at all.