Fat Loss Workout Routine - Give This a Try!

Fat Loss Workout Routine - Give This a Try!
Looking for a good fat loss workout routine? Well, look no further - you're in the right place. The most efficient fat burning workouts are designed as a circuit. Circuit training basically involves performing back to back exercises without resting in between.
When you cut out the rest intervals, not only will you be getting more done in a short amount of time but you'll also be improving your cardiovascular efficiency as well as triggering the release of fat burning hormones.
I'll elaborate a little bit more on that. When you're going through a high intensity circuit, lactic acid levels are increased. Lactic acid is a bi-product of anaerobic metabolism. This in turn triggers the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland which in turn, helps transport fatty acids into the mitochondria for oxidization.
In other words (enough of me trying to sound smart), the elevated levels of growth hormone (GH) will help you burn more fat.
As for designing a good fat loss circuit, you want to incorporate exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once. Below I've profiled an awesome fat loss workout routine that you can print off and take to the gym. Without further ado, here it is..
Fat Loss Workout Routine
Straight Leg Dead Lifts 
Push Ups 
Pull Ups (Assisted If Necessary) 
Bicep Curls (Curl Bar) 
Lying Triceps Extension (Curl Bar)
Perform the exercises back to back in circuit fashion with no more than 15 seconds rest as you transition. Perform between 12-15 repetitions for each exercise and when the entire circuit is complete, you can then rest for 2 minutes. After that 2 minutes, guess what? You'll be doing the circuit again ..and again! You're going to go through this circuit 3 times before moving onto the core exercises profiled below.
Seated Medicine Ball Twists 
Medicine Ball Ab Blaster 
Lower Back Extensions
But What If I Don't Know How To Perform The Exercises?
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