Workout Routines To Build Muscle Fast

Workout Routines To Build Muscle Fast
Most workout routines to build muscle are poorly thought out, because the trainee selects the wrong exercises, performs those exercises with poor technique, and has little understanding of the right way to build muscle.
I see so many folks in gyms all over the world designing bodybuilding routines around movements like the biceps curl, where they do about five variations of the curl movement for set after set.
This is a typical example of the confused thinking that goes into far too many routines. The biceps is a small muscle, and working it to death will not make you big. In fact, it won't even make your biceps big!
Good workout routines to build muscle will make your body grow as a whole entity, which is how you should think of your body, instead of as a collection of body parts. This is a really important concept to grasp.
If you were to succeed in building huge arms by doing a whole bunch of biceps curls (you wouldn't) you wouldn't be a big man or woman - you'd be a small man or woman with huge arms and you'd look absurd.Know that most of your muscle mass is contained in the legs and back - then focus on growing those large muscle groups - take this approach and your smaller muscle groups (such as the aforementioned biceps) will become far more responsive to training.
I have poor genetics for bodybuilding, but I grew a half inch on each arm using a routine with no arm exercises in it except the bench press. I'd designed a it around the dead lift in order to build leg strength - but because I focused on major compound exercises my upper body became more responsive to training.Let's look at how to workout routines to build muscle are designed;
First, it should be mostly compound exercises like the squat, dead lift, chin up, bench press and so on - because these movements will make your whole body grow if you work them hard.
Next, you should train no more than twice a week - you need to recover fully from the previous workout before going back in the gym.You should be adding small amounts of weight to the bar each and every time you train. If you add weight in small jumps your body has a much greater chance of adapting to the weight. Each workout should build on the workout that preceded it.
If you only added two pounds to the bar each time you squatted, and you trained the exercise once a week for a year, you'd have added one hundred pounds to your squat - how many people do you know who add one hundred pounds to a major lift in one year?
Not only that, but your body would be transformed - think about that!
This is how to get bigger fast
Train hard, no more than one hour, then get out of the gym and rest, and grow.Understanding how to design and plan bodybuilding routines that will work for your body is perhaps the most important part of bodybuilding.