How to Get the Most Out of Personal Training

How to Get the Most Out of Personal Training
Most people are happy have a professional to cut their hair, write legal documents or give them dental check ups, but often don't apply the same logic, get some professional help, to their health and fitness. Having a Personal Trainer used to be the preserve of movie stars and the super-rich, but now it's a more affordable and easily accessible way of losing weight, toning up and learning new exercises. More importantly, it's fun.
 If you don't have time to visit the gym for hours, or are bored with the same routine, you can be personally coached to develop the shape you want, lose fat, sculpt your physique, increase stamina and improve health and flexibility.
Here at Body Solutions in West Kirby, our team of professional, qualified and highly experienced trainers work with clients on a one to one basis so get they most out of well-managed and structured programmes. You need variety in your training because different training is the best training. It's all about trying new exercises and different routines whilst still maintaining a structure so progression can be visually followed. Take your last session, for example, that was a shock to the body? This is what we want to achieve your goals. If we did that same session each time you came, then the body will start to get used to this and you hit a plateau in your training. We want to keep your heart-rate raised and vary the training so the body never knows a comfort zone. So, at Body Solutions, we keep the programme simple so there is plenty of room for variation.
To lose body fat whilst maintaining muscle mass you need to follow a few basic principles. Everybody is unique and what works for one person may not work for another but the following advice works for the masses (give or take a few!). It's important to get the adequate training, rest and nutrition. When you feel hungry it's already too late, meaning that your body is not burning fat but is using the next available source for energy....Your own muscle tissue. 
Remember, most of the fat burning doesn't take place during training. It takes place afterward, that night and the day after. This is what we call the after burn. This is why very active people burn more fat efficiently because they are always in the after burn effect. It is also important to incorporate resistance training to maintain muscle mass because the more muscle we have, the better we metabolite fat. More often than not, people concentrate on their cardio and avoid the weights, thinking it will just bulk them up. Not so.
 In the gym the body can only last around 45 minutes to an hour on its glycogen stores. Training for any longer will just cause the body to start using its own muscle tissue as an energy which totally goes against what we are trying to do. Training increases the blood flow to the muscles and all the capillaries dilate (vasodilation). This means that after training it is important to get vital nutrients like protein and carbohydrates into our system as this is the best time for optimum absorption and muscle repair and growth can start.

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Thank you for the article, you are an inspiration to us all. Heres a great way I found to lose weight!
I hope it helps some others!

First, the best and most efficient way to lose chest fat is to lose overall body fat. As you may know, Spot reduction is a Myth and won't be a simple Flat Belly Fix you cannot lose fat in

one area by chest exercise. Try doing compound movements where it works multiple muscles at once

So what we conclude is the best way to lose fats in those areas such as the belly and thigh is to lower your total body fat percentage

Now hold up let me explain to you a least one of the main reasons we gain weight in the first place to the most simplified version

When we eat foods those chewed up foods travel down the stomach and break down the foods even more into different particles such as glucose which is sugar

Then the Glucose(sugar) travels to the bloodstream raising the blood sugar level, so to lower the blood sugar level to normal levels. The high blood sugar level signals the pancreas to release the main fat storage hormone called Insulin.

Insulin is the bridge between body cells and the bloodstream. The insulin helps glucose(sugar) transport to different body cells which are

1. To use energy for anywhere in the body

2. Muscle and liver Cells

3. Lipogenesis(fats)

Once the glucose is used for energy the excess glucose will be stored in the muscle and liver cell but remember these cells have limited space

so once it no more space in the liver and muscle cells the glucose will be stored into the fat storage causing you to gain fat.

Insulin has also been known to block leptin which is a hormone to let you know that you are full so if you constantly eating sugary drink, processed food this causes your

body to be resistance to the hormone leptin that poses to tell your body that you had enough food and to quit eating.

The other main hormones that have the opposite effect is glucagon. This hormone is signalled when the blood sugar level is low and cause to pull

glucose from body cells such as fat to use for energy causing you to lose weight

The key to burning a lot of fat is having low insulin and higher glucagon

Since we know the basic science now let make a plan for you

Let's break this down into two parts **Dieting** and **exercising **for a Flat Belly Fix


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It looks like a great program to help people lose weight, I was looking for some opinions before I made my decision. By the way I love the content you have been posting lately!