Designing the Best Workout Routine for Your Fitness Goals

Designing the Best Workout Routine for Your Fitness Goals
The truth is that the best workout routine is an individual thing not a one size fits all solution. It isn't just about the exercises but the way the routine fits into your life as a whole. Here are some tips to remember to help you decide whether a workout routine will be right for you.
1)The simple way is the best way 
It really doesn't have to be so complex. Mind blowing science is fine if you like that sort of thing but the best workout routines are the kind you can actually do! Getting in shape is still as straightforward as ever, and the best routines help to keep it that way for you.
2) Enjoy the routine 
There are enough routines in life and work that aren't fun. Don't make your workout one of them, choose one that suits you. Enjoy your exercise; there are no hard and fast rules about what you have to do, so do what you like to do. The chances are that if you don't you'll just become another miserable looking person on a runner or rower, and there is more to life than that.

3) Save yourself time 
A workout should be effective and efficient at the same time. Even if you had the time to spend your life in the gym to get results, you don't need to. You can get the results you want without giving up your life to the gym; you just have to know how to workout the right way.

4) Go after your goals 
A workout needs to deliver the kind of results you really want if you are going to stick with it. That means your real goals, not whatever the latest fitness buzzword is. There are a load of cool sounding fitness measures you can go after such as aerobic capacity, functional fitness, static strength; but if you're like most of us you probably got into health and fitness because you want to look good in your underwear. That's a good reason too, just make sure your workout reflects this, and workout for what you want.

5) Suit yourself 
Your routine is just that; yours, so make sure you own the workouts, and not vice versa. Let your workouts fit into your life and enjoy fitness on your terms. It's the future.