The Best Ab Workout Routines to Get Great Abs

The Best Ab Workout Routines to Get Great Abs
There are many people on the lookout for the best ab workout routines. Why? This is because the most popular body part that people would commonly be willing to make an improvement is the tummy. A fabulous tummy is the greatest desire of health-conscious people for their bodies to achieve. 
If you intend to have the abs of your dreams, and before you begin a routine to achieve it, you must first evaluate the different workout routines available and then decide which one is appropriate for your body form and requirements.
With this form of workout, you might want to use a mat. To begin, lie down with your back either on an exercise mat or the floor. Your feet must be firmly pressed to the floor with your knees raised. With both hands behind the head, gradually lift your head. Make sure that you do not pull your neck doing this. 
Simultaneously, crunch the stomach muscles. This must be sustained for a few seconds before you release and slowly return to your former position. Do several repetitions of the exercise until you become used to it. The objective is to for you to perform three sets containing thirty repetitions.
Knee Ups
For you to do this, sit on a bench with both hands grasping the sides. While in this position, legs should be extended outward and then slowly pull the knees up towards the chest. With this movement, you can feel your stomach muscles begin to contract. Maintain that position for a few seconds and then repeat. Like the crunches, this has to be a smooth and steady movement. The objective is to finish three sets composed of at least twenty-five repetitions.
Knee Raises
A little bit more advanced routine compared to the other two, knee raises also have a higher level of difficulty but they yields good results. This exercise requires the use of an overhead chin up bar. Your grasp of the bar must be a bit wider than your shoulder width. Then, without another unnecessary movement like swinging, slowly raise the knees to an angle of 90 degrees. 
You could feel your abs contract with the movement. Hold for a couple of seconds then slowly go back to your original position. Repeat. Like the other routines, this must be completed with a smooth and steady movement. The objective is to finish three sets with at least 15 repetitions in each. This can also be done without curling your knees, just standing straight and holding onto the bar.