Smart Total Body Fitness

Smart Total Body Fitness
Total body conditioning.   Anybody who has read about getting in shape can tell you to get in better condition requires a healthy, intelligent diet and exercise.  To keep that hard earned level of shape takes strength, a lot of willpower.  For most people it is just too much time, too difficult, and for many other reasons that determination burns out. 
The business world.  The basis of any sound business transaction is the contract.  Contract terms are drafted, altered and eventually agreed upon between all parties.  The contract's length may be very short lived or be of indefinite duration.   Breaching the contract's stipulated terms carries a very wide range of consequences.
Complete body fitness meets the business world.  Think of yourself as being one party and getting in shape, and staying in better condition, as another party.  Try drawing up a contract between yourself and achieving a higher level of fitness.  The contract's goal, or what the contract offers, is to lose weight for the benefit of achieving and keeping a higher level of condition.  
The contract's terms are based upon two elements:  diet and exercise.  The contract's most important element is its length.  To keep the weight off, which implies keeping a better level of fitness, this contract must be lifetime in nature.
This I am sure reads as being too rigorous, perhaps too extreme.  Agreeing to a lifetime contract that says you must persevere to a rigorous diet and exercise routine?  Yea, right!   I do not want any reader to infer this at all.  What I want the reader to infer is that this is a long term, changing, and malleable contract. 
When I was twenty six I had gradually put on about fifty pounds over a five year period.  The weight gains and losses were very common.  Being athletic I love to exercise and back then I entered into many running, biking, and triathlon events.  Most of the time keeping the weight off was easy.  But having greater eating and drinking abilities guaranteed me that that fifty pounds was lasting and would undoubtedly increase.
That's when I decided to lose the weight, and keeping the weight off my number one goal.  That was twenty years ago.  Most of that fifty pounds has been lost and kept off even though today I am not nearly as physically active.  The weight loss was attained by telling myself two extremely important truths and it has been kept off by what was first a goal that evolved into a lifetime contract.  To sum it up I developed a smart fitness ideology.