Symptoms of Mesothelioma Cancer

Symptoms of Mesothelioma Cancer
Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that is almost caused by previous exposure to asbestos. It has three common types namely, pleural, peritoneal, and pericardial.

Mesothelioma occurs in many places within the body, but is usually near from the lungs and to the abdominal area. Once a specialist diagnosed that you are positive on this type of cancer, be conscious and try to ask the doctor what is your current condition.

Below are the following symptoms of Mesothelioma you should keep in mind in case of emergency you know what to do:

* Chest wall pain

* Shortness of breath

* Bowel obstruction

* Fatigue or anemia
* Pleural effusion (or fluid surrounding the lungs)

* Wheezing, hoarseness or cough

* Blood in the sputum

* Weight loss

* Blood cloth

* Low blood sugar

* Severe ascite (build up of fluid in the abdominal cavity)

* Anemia
Symptoms may not appear until 20 to 50 years but prepare yourself if one day you will see the signs of the said disease.

Plan of Actions

As a patient or victim, do something to help to minimize this type of disease.

1.Through check up. Inform your doctor about your medical situation and the sign and symptoms you have been facing. In fact it will be easy for the doctor to give enough information according to the disease.

2.By Telling your Medical History. It is based on the patient's experience and feeling for the doctor to provide an insight related to the past and present and give him hint about the causes, effect, importance and treatment.

3.Decision making. If the doctor asks your condition, follow their perception and suggestions base on your health. If they offer medical operation, prepare yourself for financial factors as diagnosis and treatment of Mesothelioma cancer may include large amount on expenses.

Immediately see the doctor to describe and explained the detail, for the doctor to determine if Mesothelioma cancer really exists on your body and to make correct diagnosis.

Having a Mesothelioma cancer is a big problem because it can damage our lives no one else is excused it is either poor or rich.

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