Effective Exercise Programs For Fat Loss

Effective Exercise Programs For Fat Loss
There is only one safe and sure way to lose weight and that is to combine healthy eating with regular exercise. When it comes to choosing the best exercise programs for weight loss, many people are confused and even experts don't seem to agree. None the less, you will have a fair idea by the end of this article.
Some people believe that cardiovascular exercises are best for weight loss. New research though is saying that resistance or weight training is the key for people who want to shed off some pounds. Then there are those who are saying, why choose? Why not do both? Well this approach has worked for centuries so why wouldn't it work?
Make no mistake folks, people looking for fat loss programs that work the best MUST go for one that incorporates weight and cardiovascular training. Age old and new studies have shown that having muscles can help people burn fat. In the past but people think that you cannot build muscles and burn fat at the same time, well that's not entirely true either. Because with effective exercise programs for fat loss you are actually building lean muscle that burns more fat in the short and long term.
Most trainers tell people to do aerobics or cardiovascular exercises before resistance training, however the truth is that if muscle aids fat burning why would you leave your weights training until last? Wouldn't this render you less energetic make your resistance training session less effective? Some people may even tend to skip it, because they're used all their energy on cardio activity. Are you one of those people?
Some people, especially women, are uncomfortable doing weight or resistance training exercise because they have the impression that it will cause them to have bulky muscles. The truth is, it is very difficult for women to have bulky muscles, due to their estrogen hormones. At best, weight training will give them a toned and firm body.
The most effective fat loss exercise programs that work involves the use of weights or resistance. Exercises that involve compound movements or movements that require the use of more than one muscle group are the most effective for fat loss. The exercise should also be done either in circuits or as supersets. Circuit training is done when exercise sets are performed in succession without rest. Supersetting is done by doing two kinds of exercise, one after the other also without rest.