Fitness and Workout Myths to Avoid

There is lots of advice regarding fitness and workouts when exercising. Some workout tips do carry concrete base and others others are misleading. 
The misleading workouts are simply what we call workout myths. So what are some of the workout myths we have out there?
• A person will put on double weight if he/she stops exercising
The only way a person puts on weight is when he/she continues eating as much as she used to before and stops to exercise. It leads to no loss of body fat because as one may well be burning some fat, he/she adds on more fat from the typical diet. 
in the end, it makes makes no difference at all resulting to increased body fat. Diet should be altered according to a person's activity to help boost metabolic rate. Any kind of exercise helps in loss of body fat. Such exercise include using the staircase in the workplace or walking a distance.

• Performing crunches or other abdominal workouts enables one achieve a flat stomach
Crunches and other abdominal workouts enable a person strengthen the core muscle. This is good in the long run. A person loses fat in the stomach when working out at a steady pace. It depends on losing overall body fat. Therefore a person should not target only a specific part of the body for loss of body fat.

• Walking burns less fat compared to running
Running and walking are different. Each has different intensity of activity. Walking and running burns the same amount of calorie per mile. Running provides the heart a better exercise because of increase in the heart rate. It is distance and intensity that counts as a factor to burning of body fat but not the activity.
• Workouts at home are not effective compared to workouts in the gym
Gym workouts occur in a series of trendy exercises and equipment usage. A fixed home workout based on routine produce the same result as workout in a gym. The determinant factor for being effective in any workout is to have self motivation and be a starter. What matters is achieving a regular workout routine. One more thing, the exercise need to be performed using the right technique and chose from exercises right for the body type.

• It is better to exercise on an empty stomach
An empty stomach doesn't provide instant energy needed during exercise. It is therefore important that a person eats minimum meals half an hour before exercising if feeling hungry enough.