popular exercise for the buttocks workout

Also, their advantages include a good stretch. These exercises for the buttocks allow you to improve the flexibility of the legs and increase the mobility of the hip joints. The mediated effect is also on the back, which in many ways assumes the functions of keeping the balance of the body. Also, the back muscles help to perform attacks with additional weight on the shoulders.

Like many fitness exercises with their own weight, attacks are demanding on technology. Consider the recommendations and some subtleties of their implementation:

  • Before the start of the training, be sure to razmomnites. A good warm-up is necessary not only for the muscles and ligaments of the legs, but also for all joints participating in the movement. So you will protect yourself from injuries and improve the effectiveness of training;
  • When performing attacks, the body weight must be shifted forward. The remaining leg serves only as an additional focus for maintaining balance. At the same time, make sure that the knee of the front leg does not extend beyond the fingertips in the lower position, otherwise the knee joint may undergo a dangerous load;
  • These exercises for the buttocks should be combined with proper breathing. Lower the case down, inhale. Rising to the starting position - exhale;
  • When performing an attack, make sure that the front foot is firmly pressed against the floor. It is unacceptable to rest on the edge of the foot or twist it inward. Otherwise, the risk increases to dislocate the ankle or just lose balance and fall.
Since lunges are multi-joint exercises involving a large number of muscles in the body, there are some contraindications to them. For example, power attacks with additional weights are not recommended for people with injuries of the musculoskeletal system, pregnant women and people who have recently undergone abdominal surgery.