Bodybuilding plan for beginners

Bodybuilding plan for beginners 

breakfast : ( 8 a.m.)
2 boiled eggs & 1 banana 
rushed for time in the morning.?
Nothing too fancy here.just a couple of eggs to top up your protein reserves and a banana.
post workout 3 pm chocolate protein shake 
no need to worry about lengthy food preparation here
 consume post workout to kickstar the muscle
 rebuilding process.

preparation Mid morning snack 11 am yogurt, fruit seeds 
begin preparing yourself for an afternoon workout.
small brunch consisting of natural yogurt, 1sliced kiwi topped with chia seeds.
Dinner 6 pm chicken breast ,rice&vegetables
repair your muscles you just worked on with some healthy lean meat e.g. chicken or fish & veggies e.g. broccoli& peas
Pre workout lunch 1 pm 
grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives lettuce 
this will be the highest carb meal ensure you can workout at a high intensity 
Night time snack 9 pm 
1 avocado 
last meal of the day in case you're feling peckish .
slice up an avocado and get your healthy monounsaturated fats in for the day 

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