Bodybuilding Training Program

Bodybuilding Training Program
Why do you want to build your body?
Bodybuilding Training Program
Bodybuilding Training Program
The reason for bodybuilding plays a crucial role in your end result. People will choose to go this direction to achieve fitness, to lose weight and to sculpt their bodies. If you want to lose fat and learn how to get ripped fast your training program will not be as rough as those who want to build a lot of muscle mass. Keep in mind that building muscles will mean gaining muscle weight; which can increase your overall weight. Therefore, be sure of what you want. Loosing weight and tightening your body will need specialized programs so do not generalize these trainings; choose one that will suit your agenda.
Bodybuilding Training Program
Bodybuilding Training Program
Keep it simple

There is a lot of fancy equipment in various gyms and a lot of people think that they must use these sophisticated equipment. The truth is that beginners need to keep it simple and start with basic free weights. Barbells and dumbbells are the best to start with. They are effective in laying muscle foundation in the body. For those who do not have these free weight, improvise and create weights. In addition, use traditional methods like push ups and squats to effectively build foundational muscles in the body. A training program that advises on using high power equipment for beginners is not ideal.

Stick to a chosen program

Do not leave one program prematurely and go to another. Sticking to one training program is crucial to help you see the results in the end. In addition, you do not want to put your body under un-due pressure because you can be injured if you engage in many tough programs that are not consistent. If you are not happy with your program after some time, talk to your instructor or any other fitness expert and ask for professional guidance.
Bodybuilding Training Program
Daily training is not ideal

For beginners, training daily is not necessary. Any expert will recommend at most 4 trainings a week. This is because muscles need to rest before they are subjected to stress; especially for beginners. Therefore, avoid programs that insist that you must train 7 days a week. They are a recipe for burnout and they might not give desired results.

Take caution

It is essential to take precaution while training to build your body. This means that you should use safety belts as well as protection for your lower back. As you increase the weights, be extra cautious to know that you will need to take good care. Do not ignore any instruction given by your trainer at every point. Even for those who follow virtual trainers, make sure to do what they recommend to be on a safer side regarding bodybuilding.

Eat enough protein

Protein is the building block of any muscle and you need to take extra protein; especially when you start training hard. Milk and eggs are good sources and for those who need more, consider having a protein shake near. Eating the right food in the right amount will play a role in the kind of results you will have.
Bodybuilding Training Program
Bodybuilding Training Program
Avoid junk food

Junk food is to be avoided if you want your bodybuilding training program to work. You want to avoid simple sugars and refined carbohydrates. In addition, bad fat will be detrimental to your effort. Avoid saturated fat and take the healthy options that are available. However, right after your workout, you can take high energy food to revitalize immediately. However, this should be done only after intense workouts.

Eat more vegetables and fruits

With fruits and vegetables, you can never go wrong. They supply you with vitamins and minerals that will provide the right energy and health for your cells. Therefore, eating well will involve the intake of a variety of fruits and vegetables. In addition, water should be your best friend. Staying properly hydrated the whole day will ensure that your bodybuilding training program works successfully.
Bodybuilding Training Program
Bodybuilding Training Program
Bodybuilding Training Program
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Beginners workout routine
Arnold was beginner too
Your first step on a way of muscle building is choosing beginners workout routine which
definite your training activity for 6 months.  Doesn’t matter what you are  going  to get.
Want body is admirable by  girls or just want to correct you life by made it healthy. The
first steps on all these directions are the same. Your beginners workout routine
choosing.  There are a lot of features make all of us different. I mean  such things as
genetic, age and even hopes. That is why the result  will be differ too.
Bodybuilding Training Program
Bodybuilding Training Program
Recommendations on muscle building  for beginners
The success will not come to you quickly. You should understand it clearly. Muscle
building is very long process. It takes years to get a visible changes. That is why you
shouldn’t aim yourself at grandiose result.  By this way you will preserve yourself from
the unnecessary frustrations. The main thing is not to get quick gains from your
beginners workout but to get  REGULAR  gains, from month to month, from year to year.
A good start for beginners
By starting training do not hurry up to put yourself a mark. Progress from your
beginners  workout routine, in many aspects, depends on your  experience.  This
program is made to give you experience during the shortest time.
Time of  huge results still ahead. In any case, remember: you
deal with biosynthesis ( muscular cages growth). That is why muscle building takes
times. The success is predetermined by patience and  purposefulness.
Beginners workout
I believe, that beginners workout routine should be easy. Just because your muscles are
not ready to workout correctly yet. What does it mean? It means the more heavy weights
you use, the less benefit for muscle tissue. The main goal of beginners must be to
master  the correct techniques on all the workout exercises.  It is difficult to understand,
especially  for beginners, how important proper form of exercise workout and how it’s
important for muscle building. But if you accept this rule from beginning you will get
plenty of muscles in future. My friend, don’t worry about using heavy weights in you first
workout routine. Actually, keeping weighs light is more comfortable and useful for
Bodybuilding Training Program
Bodybuilding Training Program
Weights and “mind to muscle  connection”
When you start to build muscles do not use the exercises and workouts of advanced athletes.
Most  beginners mimic  a workout routine found in bodybuilding magazines. By doing this is
mistaken.    Your goal should be to feel the muscle group is working. You must think  about
the future. The good technique is key for continual growth by “mind to muscle  connection”.
When you use weights light enough so that you feel muscle working out.  However if you
rushing to get big by pushing more weights your attention would taken off feeling muscles.
By doing this you will never be able to both “feel” and “push” the weighs  at the same time.
Understand me correctly, The  principle of  weights overload is the most important
muscle building principle but you will never earned on it without  “mind to muscle
connection”. You can free by adding  weights from week to week, but don’t jump up in
weight too drastically.
Before starts training you have to understand few general workout   principles
considered to muscle building. It is very important to follow them and understand how
your beginners workout is arranged.
Diligence is the mother of succes
Consecutive workout rutine
For muscle building you have to workout every muscle (back, chest, arms etc.)
separately. This technique work better than others. It means that if you begin workout
chest (for example), you have to complete it and only than begin workout next muscle
group.  Sometimes bodybuilders workout by so-called  “a circular method”, when you do
many exercise to train each muscle one behind another, almost without Rest. Such way
remarkably trains cardiovascular system and raises muscular endurance but not
muscle strength or muscle gains.
The quantity  of times you lift  a weight in one set of an workout exercise.   If
you lift  a workout weight 8 times , it means that you have completed 8
“reps” in this set. First six months use light weights and make 8-12 reps. Scientific
researches say that the fastest result to muscle building gives workouts  with weight of
70 % from 1RM (one repetition maximum).  The majority bodybuilders can do with such
weight 8-12  Repetitions. Though for muscle building is important to follow this number
of repetitions.
Sets in beginners workout
When you lifting and lowering a weight, you perform few reps  of an exercise after which you have a brief
rest period. This group of reps is named one set. For example, if you perform 10 repetitions, have rest one minute , complete edditional eight
more reps, again 1 minute rest, and perform for six more reps, you have performed
three workout sets of the exercise.  The set is a series of repetitions (Group of reps ) of  exercise
after which you take a brief rest period.  If bodybuilder made 12 repetitions, set the
weight down, made ten more repetitions, set the weight down again, and repeat for eight
more repetitions, than he  has completed three sets of the exercise. Beginner workout
consider use one “worm up”  set (a set with light weight that allows for 20 reps) per each
workout exercise and two “working” sets.
Repetition Velocity
Speed of repetition, cadence, or time under tension
As shows researches, moderate speed gives  us the best  result for build muscles.
Bodybuilders use such formula of speed:
Tempo Training Shorthand (seconds)
2 point tempo
# Example: 3/2
# Eccentric / Concentric
3 point tempo
# Example: 3/0/2
# Eccentric / Stretched / Concentric
4 point tempo
# Example: 3/0/2/1
# Eccentric / Stretched / Concentric / Contracted
Rest Between  Sets and Exercises workout
Generally speaking, rest must be sufficient for recuperation before the next set. Usually
it needs  45-90 seconds. Large muscles are recuperated longer, then  small ones.
Volume (Sets and Reps Range)  for beginners
If you just begin muscle building, you needn’t huge amount of workout exercises for each
parte of your body.  Training is something unknown and foreign for you body. That is
why,  one – two sets of one – two exercises for each muscle group would be enough for
beginners to completely work the area.
Exercises (Compound and Isolated)
The best  beginners workout exercises are called  compound (basic) exercises.  They are
the strongest ones. In every basic exercise workout few muscles, as a rule. Look at the
shoulders Front Presses. This exercise is excellent developer of the front and side
deltoids. But working muscles are shoulders (deltoids) and triceps together.  Isolated
exercise (one muscle working) for shoulders is dumbbell  raises. Basic exercises  build
more muscles then isolated. Such compound exercises as  squats, deadlifts,  bench
presses  will greatly  enhance your beginners workout routine.
There are a lot of exercises for muscle building in the list.  They are the same for
beginners to advanced muscle builders. Different only total amount of sets, required rest
between workouts and the weights. To build muscles fast you have to use only a few.
Frequency (number times a muscle group is trained per unit time)
It needs  48 hours minimum  for  full body recuperation  and muscle building. It can
take more times if you advanced bodybuilder, because muscle size.   Remember such
rule:  If you feel pain in muscles  you aren’t ready for next workout yet.
Amazing fact is beginners can workout every muscle group more often, then an
advanced bodybuilder.  They do it and grow, because use really light weights in order to
learn theirs muscles “understand” working stress.  Every beginner must attempt to feel
muscle being worked. Turn off your ego in gym. Do not impress girls by using poundage
that is too heavy for you.
Beginners workout routine Prescription
We will consider it later
Now Just look example:
Sets x Rep Range
3 x 6-12
Sets x Reps x Resistance
3 x 6-12 x 110 kg
Sets x Relative Workload
3 x 70% 1 RM
Bodybuilding Training Program
Bodybuilding Training Program
Beginners workout routine (splits)
O.k. Enough of the words. Let’s start now. There are a lot of  exercise n workouts   for
beginners. I give the best one. You should start slowly, working the entire  body three times
weekly using light weights,  The beginners workout routine may look  like this one:
3 day a week  workout routine
(workout 3 days per week or every other day)
Day 1    –rest–
Day 2    workout
Day 3    –rest–
Day 4    workout
Day 5    –rest–
Day 6    workout
Day 7    –rest–
Day 8    workout
and so on…

workout routine for beginners
You see, I begin not to workout  routine but to  rest time. It isn’t mistake. Muscles do not
grow while you are  working out; they grow while you are resting. It is obviously for pros but
not for beginners.
2 exercises for big muscles: back, legs and chest
1 exercise for little ones: shoulders, biceps and triceps
1 worm up set per each workout exercise
2 “working” sets of  8-12 reps
Worm up set: a set with light weight that allows for 20 reps.
Working set: a set with added weight that allows for 8-12 reps, yet light enough where
you could  perform 12 or more reps. Do all sets by yourself, without helping.
Beginners workout schedule
And now let’s look at workout schedule.
Remember, you train all body three days weekly
(for example: you do this every Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Abs crunches 3×8-20
Legs squatsLeg extension 1×20 + 2×8-121×20 + 2×8-12
Back PulldownsLow cable rows 1×20 + 2×8-121×20 + 2×8-12
Chest incline bench pressIncline dumbbell press 1×20 + 2×8-121×20 + 2×8-12
Shoulders Front presses 1×20 + 2×8-12
Biceps standing curls 1×20 + 2×8-12
Triceps Pushdowns 1×20 + 2×8-12
Calves Standing Raises 1×20 + 2×8-20
If you are beginner, than you need 6 months to workout by this program. This time
needs to master form and get right “feel” for each exercise.

beginners workout schedule
After beginner will master techniques and feeling of muscles, as I have told before, usually it
is takes about 6 months, beginner will be ready for the advanced workout routine.
During this time you will learn a lot of new about the muscles, about main factors of
muscle building, about nutrition and supplementation programs.
Why have you decided to build your muscles?
The most obvious answer  is  to look great. But, besides it, bodybuilding gives us a lot of
other important advantages:
Do you more strongly
Make your heart and vessels stronger
Develops flexibility
Raises energy
Make bones stronger
Learn  concentrate
Slows down ageing
Raises immunity
Raises a potentiality
Help to lose weight
Removes stresses
It is all aboute beginners workout. But let me  tell few  words.
Now you in the beginning of the long way.  I am glad your decision to make fitness.  You
desire  become more attractive, and  have a beautiful figure is great. I hope, you will get
it. And I hope you understand iron and it becomes your friend and the partner in life. It
is a good friend. You will comprehend its secret and begin ask questions. The most
important thing in this long way – patience.  Also remember, never late to begin
Bodybuilding Training Program
Bodybuilding Training Program
The question about the quantity of gym workout exercise sets is rather important. Some body builders  say that 1-2 sets till muscle ‘failure’ are enough for muscle growth and all additional sets will only spoil it. Others are sure that an efficient  gym workout training requires numerous sets. Who is right, after all? – Nobody is, as usual. The truth always lies somewhere in the middle.
There are people who need only 1-2 sets; there are others for whom 5 sets isn’t enough. It all depends on genetic and (even more often) on psychological features that allow an athlete to get ready for maximum efficiency of the only but the most important gym workout set. The absolute majority of people (and especially beginners) are not capable of such 100% efficiency.
Besides it, even if you are a lucky man who can workout effectively performing such a limited quantity of sets, you’ll have to do at least two more sets to warm up (otherwise you’ll definitely traumatize yourself). Ligaments and muscles are to be warmed up before hard gym workout; besides it, light-weight warm-up sets prepare not just our body but also our mental state for maximum efforts.
From a practical point of view, you shouldn’t run to extremes. You should do neither minimum nor maximum quantity of an workout exercise sets: stick to the middle. For example, do 2 warm-up sets, then 3 basic ones – it’ll be enough for the first exercise. So, if your basic weight for 8 reps of Bench Presses is 250 lb  it’ll look something like this;
Bench Presses
120 lb X 15 reps (warm-up)
200 lb X 10 reps (warm-up)
250 lb X 8 reps (the major workout exercise set)
250 lb X 6-8 reps (the 2nd workout exercise set)
200 lb X 10 reps (the last workout exercise set (‘pumping’))
The first two sets we complete with reduced weight and numerous reps. This technique assists safer and more efficient warm-up of muscles and ligaments. This warm-up is followed by the first workout set. It is the most important one. Try to increase the barbell weight for this set regularly. The following (the 2nd workout) set is also a power one; it additionally stimulates your working muscles. Most probably, you won’t be able to complete the same quantity of reps in this set because you muscles are be rather tired after the previous one. The third (the last workout) set is the finishing one; here you should increase the quantity of reps in order to feel your muscles and pump them with blood to the maximum extent. To do it you’ll need to decrease the barbell weight because the working muscles are extremely tired.
Bodybuilding Training Program
Bodybuilding Training Program
What comes to the following (2nd and 3rd)gym workout exercises, we are not doing two warm-up sets with light weights because our muscles are already warmed up enough. We’ll need only one preliminary light weight set before basic ones in order we feel the movement biomechanics and get ready psychologically. For example, if our second exercise is Dumbbell Presses it can look like this:
Dumbbell Presses (50 lb and 8 reps (our maximum))
25 lb X 15 reps (warm-up)
50 lb X 8 reps (the major workout exercise set)
50 lb X 8 reps (the 2nd workout exercise set)
25 lb X 15 reps (the last workout exercise set (‘pumping’))
Why do I insist on several workout exercise sets? – That’s because beginner cannot feel  muscles well. That’s why, if you are not advanced body builder,  you’ll simply not be able to achieve 100% efficiency of a single set; but several workout sets will enable you to do all what’s to be done.
It is quite possible (if you are beginner) that you’ll learn how to workout efficiently in gym using only one set of high-intensity power work; but now the time hasn’t yet come. There are successful body builders who prefer gym workout exercise  program with limited quantity of reps; and there are those who like multi-set trainings; but all of them started with the same time-proved fitness gym workout routines like the one described above. I believe that you’ll be able to feel its efficiency as well.