The Need for Office Yoga

The Need for Office Yoga
The typical office setting often includes quiet cubicles, where people spend most of the day sitting in a chair, facing a computer keyboard. Perhaps, they roll over to a fax machine once in a while, pick up the phone, or turn and bend to pull open a file drawer. Sitting for up to eight hours a day, while performing very little physical activity, can affect the overall health of a person. Studies even show an increase in heart disease, diabetes, body weight, cholesterol and more, in people who sit all day long.
It is time for offices around the world to wake up and encourage employees to get up and move throughout the day. Many large corporations provide on-site exercise facilities, as well as time during the work day, for employees to use them. However, that seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Many small offices do not have the resources to provide such luxuries for employees. For those types of companies, Hatha Yoga might be the answer. Yoga can be practiced anywhere, anytime, with little or no equipment needed.
Benefits of Hatha Yoga include stronger, leaner, more flexible muscles. Physical forms of Yoga increase blood flow throughout the body, giving a renewed sense of energy throughout the body and the mind. As the blood flow to the brain increases, so does creativity and critical thinking. Employers who encourage employees to practice Yoga, throughout the workday, will most likely see an increase in productivity as well. Yoga helps employees release built-up stress and anxiety, which will affect overall health. Employers might also see a drop in employee illnesses upon starting a Yoga program.
Yoga can easily be incorporated into an office setting. Employers need to find a certified Yoga teacher to educate employees about the proper alignment and practice of Yoga poses, teaching them how to perform them, and the benefits they can offer. Yogic breathing and relaxation techniques will also reduce stress levels within the office. Then, all employers need to do is encourage employees to take Yoga breaks throughout the day. Employees might choose to spend five minutes every hour practicing one or two poses, or perhaps, they would rather take a half-hour chunk at lunch to re-energize the body and mind. It is important for employers to give their employees the flexibility to make office Yoga work for them. Fatigue lowers productivity and Yoga reduces fatigue.
It is time for office Yoga to enter the work place to keep employees healthy. Since office work is generally sedentary, it makes sense to bring some movement to the day. Offices can designate a room for Yoga, or allow employees to practice in their own space. The nice thing is that Hatha Yoga requires only a small mat that rolls out anywhere. However, a Chair Yoga teacher could easily teach employees to practice techniques with office furniture. The more educated people become about the benefits of Yoga, the more likely it will be seen popping up in offices everywhere.

Best Chest Workout and Exercises

Best Chest Workout and Exercises
Chest muscles are one of the biggest groups of muscles in our upper body. We use them for pushing activities. With stronger chest muscles, you will be able to lift more weight. In order to get big attractive pecs, you will have to improve your muscles with a workout that helps you achieve that goal.
The Basics of Best Chest Workout
Many people feel that heavy bench lifting is the only way to improve chest muscles. A strong and well chiseled chest will improve your body shape. There are many specific exercises that target all parts of your chest, however, the best chest workout will depend on your personal choice and requirements. Some of the exercises are Barbell bench press, Dumbbell press exercises, Poly metric Push ups, dips, Dumbbell Flyes, and Cable crossovers. Chest dips are the best exercises for lower chest workout while, the best way to improve your inner chest muscles is to do cable crossovers for 10 or 15 easy reps.
The best chest workout can be looked at in three categories. Some chest exercises are best for attaining an impressive chest, some other set of chest workouts are used to increase the strength of your chest muscles and the third category of chest workouts are some easy workouts that will help you simply keep your chest in fine shape.

Best Chest workout for building bigger chest

Dumbbell chest exercises are one of the best workouts for building up an impressive chest. These exercises are easier for those who are suffering from rotator cuff injuries or some other shoulder problems. You can improve your pectoral by performing Dumbbell chest exercises regularly.

Cable chest press is another effective chest exercise that can help you to keep constant stress throughout the exercise. This will also improve your balance and coordination. Cable chest press requires a systematic manner of action by every chest muscle. This exercise is more effective then dumbbell exercises to strengthen chest muscles.
The best chest workout includes bench press exercises which are highly efficient in providing complete workout for your chest muscles. Bench presses are complicated exercises and should be performed carefully. Wrong technique of bench press exercise may cause injuries to your joints, shoulder or triceps.
Sports person prefer to use poly metric push ups which are also known as explosive push ups exercise. Poly metric push ups helps in inducing more strength in your chest muscles. Explosive push ups require the strength of chest muscles and the elasticity of shoulder muscles. If you are interested in field games like baseball, hockey or football, you will need extra power in your chest while running against your opponents. Poly metric push ups are the best chest workout that will help you to attain this extra power. You may opt to use different versions of poly metric chest push ups such as depth push ups and explosive clap push ups.

Iso-lateral dumbbell bench press will also help the people interested in sports because by performing iso-lateral dumbbell bench press, you will not only increase the strength of your chest muscles, but it will also make you realize about the stronger arm. If you want to improve the strength of your weaker arm, you may increase it by performing iso-lateral dumbbell bench press while using the weaker arm.

Niche Workout Routines

Niche Workout Routines
Niche workout routines are specific workout routines that you do in case you may be sick, undergoing treatment or when you are pregnant. These workouts ensure you to do specific exercise routines that will help you to become strong and flexible.
There are certain specific workout exercises a pregnant woman has to do daily. The simplest exercise she can do is the arm and upper back stretch. 
These exercise routines are quite easy and must be done on a daily basis. The reason for these daily exercises is because, for a pregnant woman, the body expands and she gains weight more than she is accustomed to. Therefore, the exercises will help her body adjust comfortably to the new weight.
First, raise your arms above your head, keeping your elbow straight and have the palms of your hands facing each other. Stay in this position for the next 20 seconds.
 Next, lower your arms out, away from your body to your sides. Ensure you have kept your back straight. Lastly, bring out your hands behind your back and stretch them as far as possible. These exercises help you ease those back pains that are so common during pregnancy.
The other important exercise to do for a pregnant woman is the one that will help you maintain good posture. This is called the pelvic kilt. 
A pelvic kilt is an exercise that helps you strengthen your abdominal muscles, so that you do not get back pain. For this exercise, you need to bend your knees after lying on your back. Tighten your stomach and that muscle found on your buttocks.

 Do this by inhaling deeply through your nose. Then flatten your back on the floor, and let your pelvis tilt upward. Exhale slowly as you count to five.
 Do not do any more of the same exercise until you have relaxed and you have gotten your breath back. Perform these exercises daily and you will endure a less stressful pregnancy.

What Constitutes A Good Workout Routine?

What Constitutes A Good Workout Routine?
A good workout routine should cover all your major muscle groups in the fewest number of exercises, first for reasons of efficiency and second because this will give you more time to recover and grow. Third, most of us have to train around a 9 - 5 job as well as living a normal everyday life, so we don't have the time or inclination to spend all our waking hours in the gym.
For reasons of recovery, your workout routine should have more rest days than training days, because muscle grows at rest and not while being trained. I'd suggest two hard sessions a week, which is less work than the mainstream bodybuilding press advocate.
As a side issue, you should disregard most of the advice you read in the mainstream bodybuilding press, because the workout routines they recommend are usually champions routines, with way too much volume for muscle gains to take place.
The vast majority (96% plus) of us do not have the genetic advantages that the champions have, or the recovery time (it is after all their job.) to make meaningful gains on the routines they use.
A much overlooked aspect of a good workout routine is never to miss lower body training. You legs contain the most muscle mass, and the fastest way to build size is to build your largest muscles as a priority.
This means squats and dead lifts, and to a slightly lesser extent the leg press. Assuming you have access to the equipment needed to train these movements safely, you need to have them in your bodybuilding routine unless you have a compelling medical reason or an injury that prevents you from training them.
For upper body, think in terms of the chin up, the parallel bar dip, the shrug, overhead press and bench press - these exercises are the best mass builders.Let's take a quick look at how you might divide these movements up. If you train them all you will probably find that your workouts go on too long and become too tiring. Ideally you need to keep sessions under one hour in length.
As a general rule, the larger the movement is, the earlier you should do it in your body workout routine, because you need to be at your best and freshest when you train the most demanding exercises.
One option is to train lower body one day and upper body on day two. Or you could do lower and upper body in each session, but remember not to allow the sessions to go over the hour as mentioned above.If you dead lift and squat (and you really should), start your sessions with those exercises. Doing them first will give you a tremendous feeling of a job well done, which will carry your through the rest of your bodybuilding routine on the crest of a wave.
When not in the gym, keep extra curricular activities to sensible limits, in order to give your muscles the opportunity to recover and grow.I hope this has been of use to you.
Understanding how to design and plan workout routines that will work for your body is perhaps the most important part of bodybuilding.

Chest Workout Routine

Chest Workout Routine
It's been a widespread feeling that to get the best chest workout you need to work out with a standard bench press station with an Olympic barbell and weights. Although that does make it more simplified, it isn't necessary to develop a good chest.
Many will argue that past a certain point it is essential to use a bench press to develop the chest, especially the size and shape rather than just strength and endurance. I personally think that if you utilize different techniques that you can generate the results you're after.
The most important aspect to keep in mind is to start somewhere, and stick with one program for the right amount of time. That's been a large problem of mine throughout my years of training. I've often started a routine and quickly switched after for some reason or another not liking the original routine.
 This happened a lot especially with chest workouts because, like other guys, I have had more of a focus on those muscles. Over the years I've learned to even out my focus over all muscles of the body, but that doesn't mean that I don't want a well developed chest.
The main problem with the typical chest workout at home is that things get stagnant. Doing the same type of pushups week after week and month after month won't bring a considerable change. Today I will share with you two simple home workout routines without weights that are going to jump start your chest muscles back into action. Workout #1 is to be performed Mondays, and Fridays, and Workout #2 is on Wednesdays.
On the first Monday, test out your max repetitions. Let's say you did 30 pushups for your max, then for Workout #1 on Friday you do 3 sets of 10 reps for hands wide apart pushups, regular pushups, and hands close pushups. Alternate between each type of pushup. 
On Wednesdays, put your feet up on a bench or some stair steps and do pushups with an isometric pause at the middle. Pause for a 5-10 second count and try to do 3 sets of 10. Remember to breathe even when you're holding the pushup position. This workout will hit the upper pec area very well, and that combined with the other will cause a great surge of growth, provided you eat enough and get your needed protein.

Best Nutrition During 5x5 Workout Routine

Best Nutrition During 5x5 Workout Routine
Nutrition is a fundamental but often an ignored addition to the perfect workout and we must remember that correct nutrition is the way to ensure that the body built itself, revitalizes and gains energy from the meal.
The bodybuilder, especially in the 5x5 workout routine, should consider at least three, and ideally five to six, vital meals in order to ensure maximum utilization and efficiency. These meals can be grouped into breakfast, pre-workout and post-workout. Concerned bodybuilder should ensure that he has proper nutrition during these three meals because nutrition during the 5x5 training is the most important part as the exercises you do are very energy consuming and tiring.
Without the proper nutrients and supplements, the body can suffer muscle mass loss and may pose serious health risks for the body builder.
Proper and improper nutrition may spell out success or doom for the routine and the body builder. There are many diets that a person may choose out from, including the fat-loss, the mass-gain and the Atkins diets among others. All these depend on whether you want to gain or lose weight and since this article involves nutrition during 5x5 workout, a lot of emphasis would be placed on eating the right foods in order to gain positive weight which is in form of muscle and not fat.

In order to achieve the best results, a bodybuilder working out this routine has to place utmost importance on a good protein based meals- the suggested ratio for protein is one gram for each kg of your body weight.
I will start with the most important meal of the three, the pre-work Out meal. One question bodybuilders and people in general should ask themselves is, can you drive a car without fuel? No. Can you light a bulb without electricity? Definitely not. So the pre-work out meal controls the amount, length and quality of the work-out. An ideal meal should be consumed an hour before work out, and it should be balanced. It should contain more carbohydrates though as the body needs those glycogen reserves to propel and power you throughout your work-out.
The breakfast is also very vital. Scientists have proven that an appropriate and balanced diet is fundamental in refueling the body for the day's activities. Post and Pre-workout Nutrition during 5x5 workout routine would be meaningless without a power breakfast. An ideal breakfast should consist of 8-12% fat, protein of 40% and carbohydrates of 50%. For example, cheese with healthy bread and a fruit will be a great start-the-day meal.
After an intense work-out, your body needs to replenish the lost energy, repair tissues and give you more energy to carry out our other day activities so a balanced diet is even more essential this time.
After the routine, the body would give you a 30 minute grace period to replace the lost energy. During this time, more proteins and carbohydrates should be consumed so i suggest to break the after workout lunch into 2 parts- the first, exactly after the workout, will contain proteins that absorbs fast by the body, such as milk based proteins and later a meat based proteins that need some time to get processed by the body.
Avoid fats at all means as they would give you 'false' energy, reverse the benefits of the routine and slow down your progress. And don't forget, you body grow between the trainings, when you eat and rest and not during the training itself.

Core Workout Routines Reviewed

Core Workout Routines Reviewed
I don't think people realize how much we use our core! A core workout routine can be highly beneficial to every movement we do in life. Everything comes from the core of the body. Here, I will review some of the core workouts, and you can decide for yourself which core workout might be best for you.
Core workouts is a bit of a catch phrase in fitness right now, and many people are catching on to it. But, the significance of these types of routines is even more than people realize. Every movement, even picking up your groceries, comes from the core.
Yoga - Yoga is mostly core! Every movement in yoga relies on the core muscles. Yoga is an excellent fitness program on many levels. It helps to gain flexibility, as well as strength and muscle endurance. The other thing about Yoga that is so interesting, is all of the different help benefits. It's said to regulate heart rate, and much more. I had one yoga instructor explain it to me like this.
 He said, "Yoga massages your internal organs." I have taken several yoga classes, and you will be in a pose and hear the teacher say, "This is opening up your adrenal glands." It's a fascinating practice and good for people of all ages. It can be a great core workout on it's own, or a great addition to your current exercise practices.
Boxing - Boxing seems like it may be your arms, but, it's not! My arm by itself can be quite weak, but, when I throw my body into it (my core!), that same punch becomes much, much more powerful. This is a great workout for anyone wanting to increase their health. 
Many trainers are now discovering the emotional benefits to boxing as well. It can be quite empowering for people, and many of my clients have discovered that they get a great emotional release from putting the boxing gloves on and giving the heavy bag a piece of their mind. 
After a great workout, they gain a sense of calm, and general well being. And besides all of that, who wouldn't want the amazing, great physique of a boxer? They are agile, quick, powerful, and strong